Apollo: a lamp with very high sense of material presence

Pholc + Broberg & Ridderstråle

01/03/2018 - Pholc focuses on lamps and creates expressions that balance between art and design. Their vision is to create lamps with a strong esthetic character... the feeling they strive to express is Stockholm: Sophisticated, Expressive and updated. Pholc presents Apollo, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, a lamp with a very high sense of material presence.

The assembly of conical shapes that balance on top of each other like spinning gyros, emphasize the downward force in a pendant lamp and create both dynamic and static expression. Machine-turned from solid piece of brass and aluminium, these shapes show not just a beautiful raw metal surface but also alludes to its mass and weight.  Apollo is ideal to hang over a table or a counter, in a composed cluster or an outstretched row, letting the choice of material and color complete or match the surrounding setting. 

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