Arcadia at NeoCon 2019

Mixed materials and warmth for public spaces

07/06/2019 - Arcadia takes part in NeoCon 2019 and presents its new collections of seating and table products for public spaces.
Allsorts, designed by Rainlight 
From its bold stature and relaxed seated style to its use of mixed materials and varied upholstery combinations, there are reasons aplenty to love AllSorts. With table and technology options providing multi-purpose functionality, this fun-spirited seating collection is designed to support individual work as well as offer a friendly atmosphere for group dynamics of all kinds.
Smallsorts, designed by Rainlight
Ideally suited for healthcare, education, retail environments and more, this kid-sized collection is playful in nature with oversized comfort and well-intentioned versatility. Together with its grown-up counterpart, youngsters of all sizes can have a space to call their own for transforming wait times into play times.
ISO, designed by QDESIGN
Combining the comfort of a lounge chair with partitions for privacy, Iso provides a welcome and quiet space to sit, work and focus. Seating and panel elements can be configured together to create stand-alone modules, clusters of single-user spaces, or expand into multi-user settings for various meeting requirements. Wherever personal or private space is needed within open environments, Iso has it covered.
Scenery, designed by 5D Studio
Defining interior spaces with a relaxed sensibility, Scenery captures the moment from all sides. The interior seating area offers spacious comfort for collaboration and casual conversation while a ledge around the exterior perimeter serves as a work surface, perching rest or additional place to sit. By allowing multiple and varied interactions at once, Scenery provides something for everyone and becomes the gathering hub that’s worth seeking out.
Thread, designed by 5D Studio
The geometric interplay of lines within the metal base create the striking visual from which Thread gets its name. Combined with a variety of table surface options, the end result is a perfect balance of modern style to bring any room together.
Reprise Metal, designed by David Dahl
Thoughtfully designed to enrich well-being, Reprise Metal offers a comfort-enhancing silhouette to support waiting areas large and small. With glass-reinforced polypropylene arms and the endurance of a metal frame, together with all the same features and benefits of its wood frame equivalent, Reprise Metal becomes the go-to solution for healthcare requirements time and time again.
Kindred, designed by Chris Carter
Blending classic elements with mid-century modern design, Kindred is both in the moment and forever timeless. Lounge and guest chairs feature an elegant wood frame, highlighted by curves in all the right places for eye-catching views from every angle. Accompanying occasional tables, offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, further complement its seating counterparts to bring warmth, sophistication and style to any space.

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