Archiproducts Milano 2017: ‘The Design Experience’

Connected products, digital interaction and augmented reality will lift the new setting of the co-net-working space in via Tortona 31 to a whole new dimension

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Archiproducts Milano 2017: ‘The Design Experience’
09/03/2017 - At the Tortona district, the new beating heart of Milan for art, fashion, design and business, Archiproducts Milano reaffirms its role as a strategic hub for Architects, Brands and Designers. The 2017, “The Design Experience”, edition will reveal its brand new setting on April 3rd and inaugurate the two Archiproducts Shop windows. Connected products, digital interaction and augmented reality will create a ‘design experience’ that has never been seen before.

How did working spaces and relations evolve in a digital information era? At what extent has the ever more popular e-commerce inflicted the importance of showrooms and designers? Co-net-working, freelancing, frequent travelling; What is their impact on working spaces for Architects in particular?

Archiproducts Milano has created a space for inspiration and reflection on co-working, training, events and showrooms merged in a unique and smooth organization primed on networking. This format rises as an answer to the new demand for exhibition and shared working areas, not only sales-oriented but mainly regarding product knowledge. A hybrid space where Architects, Designers and Brands get together to design, build and innovate the entire year through.

At Via Tortona 31, between the Superstudio and the Nhow hotel, just a stroll from the Armani Museum, the Scala Atelier Laboratories and the BASE, Archiproducts Milano resides in an early 20th century building. 800 square metres on two floors with terraces, with stucco decorated ceilings and ancient fish bone durmast floors with direct access from Via Tortona and four windows facing the MUDEC (Milan’s Cultures’ Museum) entrance.

The space has been visited by over 15,000 professionals over the last few months and will present its completely renovated setting on April 3rd. Over 200 new products and 40 partner brands have joined, all in line with the Archiproducts philosophy of online sharing and fusion in order to bring the virtual to reality. Office, home working, lighting, living and outdoor are the ambiances that architects will be able to visit and return to all year long.

The 2017 edition confirms the participation of Desalto, Saba Italia, Roofingreen, Buxkin, Kriskadecor, Velux but also a lot of new partnerships have contributed to the design of the new setting of Archiproducts Milano. Amongst them are Flos, cc-tapis, True Design, Oikos, Ideal Work, Knauf, Linvisibile, Mogs, TWS, Emko, Bticino, Manutti, Smeg, Sp01, Texturae, Scirocco H, 3d Surface, Montis, Twils, Billiani, ms&wood, Stickbulb, Bover, Strato Cucine, Bora, V-zug, Sub-zero, Jee-o, Luctra, Ronel Jordaan, Royal BotaniaFalmec, Unical, Bang and Olufsen, British Fires, Dsignedby.

Connected products in this years’ new layout
In a new lay-out, the objects in the building via Tortona 31, talk, live, connect. Each presented object releases a ‘cookie’ that contains information on features, variants, colours and prices, to have all the information about a product at hand. Moreover, thanks to the Augmented reality technology by Sayduck, a start-up of the Archiproducts network, visitors can visualize the product in 3D within any space. Last but not least, they can purchase the product directly online.  

Archiproducts Shop arrives in Milan
From on online platform, Archiproducts Shop arrives in town through two new shop windows in Via Tortona, bringing design closer to the street. The windows are an ultra-interactive, micro view of the huge online shop that continues to add daily thousands of products and new brands from all over the world.

Duets/Duels. Design chess matches
During the Milan Design Week 2017 Archiproducts will host "Duets/Duels. Design chess matches", a series of meetings with world famous architects, designers, artists, and illustrators who have been invited to discuss drawing. Archiproducts and A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna promoted the project. There will be graphic performances of couples of artists who will duet/duel on the same paper sheet, tracing back to the creative moment through a drawn dialogue. Architect, artist and designer Vincenzo D'Alba will be the trait d'union of the meetings. He will duet/duel with the artists involved. Drawing tools for each meeting will be supplied by Vittorio Martini 1866.
“The Design Experience” @Archiproducts Milano
Via Tortona 31 - Metro: Porta Genova
4 - 9 April / h 10 - 21
Press preview
April 3rd  / h 15 - 19

Desalto, Saba Italia, Roofingreen, Buxkin, Velux, Bticino, Flos, cc-tapis, True Design, Oikos, Ideal Work, Knauf, Linvisibile, Mogs, TWS Trame di Pietra, Emko, Manutti, SP01, Texturae, Sciroccoh, 3d Surface, Montis, Twils, Billiani, Ms&Wood, Stickbulb, Bover, Strato Cucine, Bora, Frigo 2000, V-Zug, Sub-Zero, Jee-o, Luctra, Ronel Jordaan, Royal Botania, Falmec, Unical,
Bang and Olufsen, British Fires, Dsignedby, Sayduck

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Vittorio Martini, Kriska, Dieffebi, Smeg, Karpeta, Woodskin, Cea, Moab 80, Ethimo, Magis, Tacchini 

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