Art Nouveau and Lovestone by Vives at Cevisama 2013

Design effect for ceramics Made in Spain

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04/03/2013 - Vives, the industry leader in ceramic, has presented at Cevisama 2013 many collections including Art Nouveau and Lovestone.

Art Nouveau
Nouveau, Modernism, Art & Grafts are trends that date back to the beginning of the 19th century and were our source of  inspiration when creating this new collection. A mixture of coetaneous styles that are filled with originality from the arts of that era. Being inspired by these, VIVES widens two of its most emblematic collections: 1900 and Parador.

The 1900 collection adds three new decorative concepts in 20x20cm: Tassel, Macaya and Comillas. Their design is based on the concept of nature with patterns influenced by this using curves, organic shapes and symmetry. Ribadeo is a new porcelain tile in 30x30cm that belongs to the Parador collection. It is an anti-slip product (type II) that takes on the appearance of concrete and is produced in neutral colours: white, grey and graphite. A new décor called Gredos which consists of several varied designs inspired by the Modernism movement but adapted to the latest tendencies in interior design is also launched. Nouveau is synonymous with the challenges of design offering a wide range of possibilities for any modern setting.

Lovestone, natural design
Stone is today one of the most widely used materials in interior design, a material that generates warmth and comfort whilst uniting elements of tradition and modernity. It can create a rustic and country feel whilst due to its evolution, can also create the most vanguard and sophisticated settings. Stone is traditionally used in a rustic and classical environment but it is also ideal for interiors where innovation, intimacy and a sense of cosiness are needed.

Due to this, Vives launches a new collection inspired by a selection of natural stones that are adapted to the latest design tendencies. Lovestone comprises of six types of stone divided into porcelain and white biscuit. Bluestone, Greystone and Goldstone, are porcelain of different sizes from 60x120, 60x60,19x120,14x120 y 19x60cm.

The variety in the available sizes together with its two finishes Leather (Smooth) and Natural (structured with relief), allows the professional designer as well as the end customer to be inspired by its endless decorative possibilities. Ambarstone, Lunarstone and Sunstone are white biscuit wall tiles with a vast array of textures that are available in 33.3x100 and complete this collection.

Lovestone is a comprehensive and complete collection which can be configured mixing different surfaces, textures, colours and sizes. It is a highly versatile product that can be complemented with furniture and materials from other periods of time and from other materials enriching and personalizing any space.

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