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Suit chair: a new standard of seating for restaurants, workplaces and homeowners with a strong sense of style

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28/07/2020 - There’s nothing better than making a good first impression that combines professional elegance with an individual personality. With the fully upholstered Suit chair for Artifort, Monica Förster introduces a new standard of seating comfort for restaurants, workplaces and homeowners with a strong sense of style.
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The distinctive silhouette of the Suit, with its elegant open back and flowing lines, effortlessly matches the contours of the body. It’s a surprisingly comfortable and inviting chair, whose soft upholstery embraces the user like a chic tailor-made suit. This unique chair will add an exclusive elegance and individuality to any space.
Suit is an elegant, fully upholstered chair with an inviting form. A sculptured design language that allows the user to adopt an elegant posture. The open back ensures that the user can always find a comfortable sitting posture, whether that means sitting up straight or sitting back and relaxing, making it possible to stay at the dinner table for several hours without feeling any desire to get up and move elsewhere.
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A compact chair that projects a wonderful sense of spaciousness. Easy to move on gliders or castors, making Suit the perfect match for a luxurious dining table, a unique meeting space and a variety of desks.

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