Aspa: Shades of Transparency

MUT Design Studio with Pulpo

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21/01/2021 - Aspa is a side table collection and the first collaboration of MUT Design Studio with the german brand pulpo. It's a simple study of geometry, four cathedral glass layers carefully arranged around a square shaped hollow in the middle form the base and create a delicate play of colour, gradient and incidence of light. Depending on the position of the spectator, the intensity and gradient of the tables changes, it's an endless play of colours and reflections, be prepared to always discover a new facette.   This layered form is highlighted through a combination of smooth glass surfaces backing onto rippled and textured chapel glass panels.‎ Each panel altering reflections and transparencies to create a mesmerising centre-piece.‎ Aspa is the spanish word for the mill blades, of which you feel reminded when looking at the pattern, created by the four base sheets, though the fifth glass sheet forming the top. Aspa comes in three different sizes and various colours which can be combined with one another perfectly.  The table is produced from textured chapel glass affixed to toughened glass panels.‎ Bubbles, streaks and other variations in size and colour are part of the production process, and not defects of the design or production.‎ The aspa series if made up of three variations of coffee and side tables, and available in a range of colours that add a further dimension to this captivating collection.‎

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