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POODLE - Object Carpet's classic

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26/08/2020 - POODLE is one of OBJECT CARPET’s classics — a shag carpet that combines comfort with numerous special qualities.
POODLE’s versatile product features have made it a highlight of the brand’s product range. The material is durable and low-maintenance, making it ideal for high-traffic spaces, such as shops, offices and hotels. The carpet’s finish is comprised of Antron® polyamide fibres, providing impressive protection against dirt and stains. The fibre can even repel liquids.
Another advantage of POODLE is its sound insulation, which contributes to better room acoustics, especially in open-plan offices. The carpet therefore encourages an effective working atmosphere and reduces loud noises. Furthermore, its heat-insulating properties ensure reduced energy costs and lower CO2 emissions.
The carpet can also be adapted to the most varied special requirements. Whether as sheet material, fitted RUGX or SL-carpet tiles — OBJECT CARPET precisely tailors its floor coverings to customer requirements. Along with different colour options, different architectural zones can be designed with centimetre precision.
With 64 different renditions, POODLE offers a huge range of colours. From citrus to purple to chocolate, architects, planners and commercial property owners can choose from a wide selection of colours. Thanks to the high-pile fibre, the carpet contributes to a pleasant atmosphere, which also makes it suitable for living areas.

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