Atlantic Grey, Timeless Aesthetics

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents the new Marmi Maximum texture

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Atlantic Grey, Timeless Aesthetics
17/07/2019 - Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has chosen to expand the range of their Marmi Maximum best-selling collection with Atlantic Grey; neutral but never mundane it is the perfect partner for defining settings with timeless aesthetics.
GranitiFiandre, Atlantic Grey

GranitiFiandre, Atlantic Grey

Atlantic Grey has a fine stone-finish base that emerges with understated elegance. The delicate colours and shades of grey and cream convey a soft, warm touch to the surface for results of astounding beauty. The maxi-size porcelain stoneware slabs are distinguished by refined details and delicate grains that contribute to increasing the perceived value of all environments, respecting and enhancing the designer’s vision and the customer’s wishes. With finishes that reflect natural light, the texture masterfully adapts to all decorative styles, from classic to contemporary.

Excellent technical performance in terms of strength, quality and durability are combined with countless possibilities of integration and application. The slabs are just 6 millimetres thick and the technical ceramic material is compact to maximise the potentials of the
material, making it perfect for residential and public spaces alike.

GranitiFiandre on ARCHIPRODUCTSGranitiFiandre, Atlantic Grey

GranitiFiandre, Atlantic Grey

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