Awning Design of the Next Generation

The MX awning family from markilux gets another addition with the MX-2

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20/09/2022 - Design is the language of forms. It tells its very own story about what a product embodies. At markilux, it has been synonymous with modern living culture for years. With the current model, the MX- 2, the awning manufacturer has further refined this unmistakable objective.
Good design is a sales argument, because it expresses the quality of a product and the lifestyle that can be attributed to it - whether it be modern, classic, cosy, playful or individually creative. The look of the new MX-2 cassette awning from markilux is a change of perspective and aims to reinterpret the term "modern" in awnings.

Minimalist, aesthetic design

„Design is not just a pretty exterior. The shape and character of a product convey a non-verbal message," explains Michael Gerling, Managing Director of R&D and Production. According to him, the clear design language of the MX-2 embodies minimalist elegance and high-quality technology. It also shows that you can always give a product a divergent aesthetic quality. In the case of the MX-2, the awning design was approached through the concepts of contemporary architecture and modern design. "Our main focus was on the question of which types of house awnings have to enhance the appearance of today and how they can stand out as a style feature in their own right at the same time," says Michael Gerling. The result of these considerations was a sleek design with expressive details. Thus, the low, elongated cassette merges into pleasing curves at both ends. The curved cassette profile is particularly eye-catching, emphasising the flowing shape of the awning and harmoniously enclosing the roller tube.

Technically state of the art

The technology is essentially based on that of the markilux 970. The model also has a tilt device with integrated locking mechanism that prevents it being lifted up in sudden gusts of wind. The tilt device extends the awning horizontally and then tips it into a preset angle. The folding arms are mounted towards the ends of the housing to the tilt devices, which is an advantage in situations that do not allow the brackets to be fitted further in. In addition, this gives a better view of the awning cover, because the arms are not in the immediate field of vision. The new model is also equipped with a multi-functional groove under the cassette, which has already been used in other awnings. Optionally, an LED Line, LED Spots or an infrared heater could be suspended from it to create a cosy atmosphere in the evening. Almost invisible, easy-to-mount brackets ensure that the cassette is flush with the wall or ceiling of a building.

The awning is very well constructed

"The MX-2 is built largely from extruded aluminium and die-cast components. This makes it very high quality in terms of its composition," emphasises Michael Gerling. In his opinion, the awning's slim, elongated design makes it look particularly impressive in larger widths, because then its filigree design stands out all the more. The awning is offered with maximum dimensions of five metres in width with a projection of three and a half metres or six metres with a projection of three metres. The model is available in the classic, standard seven frame colours and in 2022, the 50th anniversary year of markilux, also in the five special "High Five" colours. 3,411 characters

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