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The new mirror collection by Memedesign

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08/11/2019 - In the kaleidoscopic world of MEMEDESIGN the mirroring surfaces could not be missing. The catalogue MEMEDESIGN becomes more and more wide thanks to this new collection, always under the slogan IN COLOR WE TRUST.

The expertly curved and coloured metal sheet joins a flat material, such as the mirror, to express a playful unusual design. The new collection opens its doors also to the designer GIUSEPPE VIGANO’ between the collaborations of the company.
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DILETTA: design Studio Giuseppe Viganò. It’s a wide wall mirror with rounded corners, that can be hung both vertically and horizontally. This wall mirror, with a design a little bit pop and retro, has a dual function and the frame is also a shelf. The chromatic possibilities are, as always, those of the color samples.
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NUVOLA: design Gian Marco Codato and Luciano Trevisol. In tune with the sparkling and playful mood of MEMEDESIGN, this wide rounded wall mirror seems to lean on a soft cloud, that is nothing more than a handy shelf holder. Suitable for private rooms such as the bathroom, it can also be a funny entry to the kid’s room.
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BABELE: Design Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisol. “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” Babele is an item of desire, a practical valet stand, that joins the mirror and that can also be embellished by several shelves holders. Always available in all the finishes of the set of samples.

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