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The story of BUIT collection designed for GANDIABLASCO

21/04/2020 - From the hand of its creators — Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui from Mayice Studio —, we discover a little more about the creative process that has inspired the BUIT collection for GANDIABLASCO and about the incorporation of an innovative fabric developed exclusively by Febrik by Kvadrat.

How did the collaboration with GANDIABLASCO emerge?
After attending various events with Alejandra Gandía-Blasco and José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and visiting the company’s facilities, we had the opportunity to present our proposals to the brand, and BUIT fitted in very well. An ultra-light aluminium wire mesh that could be a carpet or, deforming itself, a sofa, a deckchair, a table... from the beginning it was thought that this mesh would interweave with textile generating a contrast between materials: the cold of the aluminium and the warm of the textile.
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BUIT responds to the essence and DNA of GANDIABLASCO, the aluminium and the textile that have been present since its origins in 1941.

You are perceived to have a kind of empathy with the materials you use in your projects. How do you make this possible?
We spent many hours in the studios, talking with the craftsmen who work with the materials, with the engineers, and observing the processes. During these trips, conversations and experiences, in the end, we get close to the people involved in each project, and they get very involved in the processes. In the end, so much time and dedication is devoted to each project, that it is reflected in the final result. For us it is a luxury to have these experiences.
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Working with textiles has also been a long process. After making some prototypes in our studio, we contacted Febrik by Kvadrat. It has been a real pleasure and learning to work with such professional and expert people both in GANDIABLASCO and in Febrik by Kvadrat, who developed an exclusive R+D for this project. So many people have worked on this collection, and with such dedication, that in the end the BUIT pieces have a soul and with it a great respect for all the materials.

What inspires you to create designs with such personality?
Each project is unique and, therefore, in each project the inspirations are different. In the case of BUIT the inspiration has been the history and values of GANDIABLASCO.

What is the concept of the collection?
BUIT was conceived as an ultra-light aluminium mesh carpet interwoven with textile and which, when deformed, would create different ways of sitting as well as spaces.

Aluminium has a fundamental role in your collection. What advantages does it have?
Durability, great resistance to the exterior, lightness, good aging. At BUIT, this material facilitates cleaning, quick drying and air circulation, as well as serving as for interlocking with the fabric.

What does the collection bring to an outdoor space?
From the aesthetic point of view, BUIT brings visual lightness. As it is a folding sheet, the visual impact on the space is less than that of other volumetric furniture. It is easy to combine and integrate in spaces. From a material and functional point of view, it is ultra-light: the mesh allows water to disappear very quickly and dust to be kept away. On the other hand, the Febrik by Kvadrat is very resistant and high quality, while the braiding is reminiscent of wool and provides that touch of warmth that outdoor furniture sometimes lacks.
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What are the advantages of a modular collection?
BUIT allows simple and versatile combinations in the various spaces. As they are ultra-lightweight pieces, it is very easy to change the configuration of spaces. Moving a table, a pouffe or a sofa requires very little effort.

What response do you expect from BUIT?
We consider it a very special piece with a long life span. Also aesthetically, it is timeless for its simple lines, and is very easy to integrate and combine in all types of spaces.

Since its debut in Rossana Orlandi’s art space in Milan just one year ago, BUIT’s success has known no bounds, winning such prestigious awards in the industry as the Archiproducts and NCYxDESIGN international design awards for the best outdoor seat.

BUIT, by Mayice Studio is one of GANDIABLASCO’s new designs. Complete collection to be revealed in June 2020.

GANDIABLASCO on Archiproducts.com
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