Bene presents its latest innovation: STUDIO by Bene

The contemporary and modular workplace system

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Bene presents its latest innovation: STUDIO by Bene
13/03/2018 - Bene presents its latest innovation: STUDIO by Bene. This contemporary, modular workplace system is designed for people who want to make the most of their individuality and creativity at work as well as outside it.
The digital transformation, mobility and social networking, amongst many other things, are intensifying the connections today between individuals who are more flexible and mobile than ever before. As a result, our professional and personal lives are becoming more and more integrated.

In its position as a leading international designer of modern working environments, Bene is dedicated to keeping ahead of the latest trends and developments. As office furniture specialists, they transform this knowledge into innovative concepts and products for the modern working environment.
This led to the latest innovation: STUDIO by Bene is a modern, modular workplace system, designed to appeal particularly to people whose professional and private activities are closely linked, and who don’t want to – or can’t – follow a nine-to-five schedule for their work. After all, creativity, inspiration and initiative aren’t limited to specific places or times of day. Bene worked with Austrian product designer Thomas Feichtner to develop the STUDIO range, creating smartly designed desks, shelving and accessories that can be combined and arranged to suit individual work and life styles, in the office or at home.
“Today the boundaries are blurred between the working environment and the private sphere, or between working time and free time. It’s not so much about work-life balance, but more about enjoying work, whenever we do it. For many of us, the boundaries between home and office are increasingly fluid. STUDIO by Bene was created for people who work and live according to their own rules and schedules”, says Michael Fried, Bene’s Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation, outlining the concept behind the latest innovation from Bene’s think tank.

At the end of last week, following a “soft launch” in Vienna and Frankfurt, Bene held a grand “STUDIO by Bene party” to celebrate the official launch of their latest response to this varied and individualised working environment. More than 400 invited guests from the worlds of architecture, design, start-ups, business and the media attended the launch event at Seamen’s Hall in London’s Somerset House , where the office furniture pioneers presented various contrasting STUDIO configurations. After discussions with Dezeen, We Work and Thomas Feichtner on the future of work and the “Story behind STUDIO”, the dance floor was opened and guests partied on until late into the night.

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