Bette's Bathroom Space Solutions

BetteSpace makes the most of the available surface

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Bette's Bathroom Space Solutions
13/03/2019 - Among its new solutions presented at ISH this year, Bette's space-saving bathtubs stand out for their sleek problem-solving design. BetteSpace is a new bath collection in Bette’s characteristic glazed titanium steel that makes intelligent use of the space in small and medium-sized bathrooms. It uses trapezoid geometries to make optimum use of the available space whilst also offering the highest bathing comfort. There are three versions to choose from to suit user preferences and the available space: BetteSpace S, the bath/shower combination BetteSpace M and the two-seater BetteSpace L. BetteSpace M by Bette

BetteSpace M by Bette

The design of the baths is the work of the German design studio Tesseraux + Partner, which has developed an optimised shape for BetteSpace. The base is a rectangular trapeze, which saves precious space in the bathroom. The baths also all have a wide back for comfortable sitting and a generous lying area of 170 cm in length. This is perfect for an extra-long bath and allows even tall people to immerse themselves and forget about the outside world.

The glazed titanium steel itself is extremely robust and durable with a skin-friendly surface that retains warmth and is also extremely easy to look after. BetteSpace S by Bette

BetteSpace S by Bette

Enjoying a bath is quality time for us and our loved ones. Rather than only being possible in bathrooms with a large layout, this luxury should in fact be possible in any bathroom. And BetteSpace makes sure that it is’, says Sven Rensinghoff, the company's marketing director.

Space Saving BetteSpace S by Bette

BetteSpace S by Bette

BetteSpace S is the most space-saving version in the collection. Like the others, this bath is a bather-friendly 170 cm long. However, measuring 75 cm wide on the lying side and 60 cm along the foot end, it also fully utilises every centimetre of the available space in small and medium-sized bathrooms. There is plenty of room for one person to enjoy complete bathing fun, and with a depth of 42 cm it is also ideal for comfortable immersion.

Shower-Bath BetteSpace M by Bette

BetteSpace M by Bette

If there is only room for a bath or a shower in the bathroom but both are desired, then BetteSpace M is the perfect compromise. Measuring 90 cm wide at the foot end and 75 cm at the top, with a depth of 42 cm the bath also offers enough space for showering, and more than enough for splashing.

For Two BetteSpace L by Bette

BetteSpace L by Bette

BetteSpace L even has enough space for two to enjoy a pleasant bath together – and as the lying side is 130 cm wide, they can also sit side by side. And because the foot end is 75 cm wide, it saves almost half a square metre of space in the bathroom. This provides more freedom of movement in small and medium-sized bathrooms without having to forego comfort or wellness.

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