BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 for EVER Life Design

The seat Tuck-Type and Bounce washbasin in the Home cathegory

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28/09/2020 - The seat Tuck-Type, design by Gianni Arduini with Marco Frigerio and Bounce washbasin by Monica Graffeo for EVER Life Design, have been awarded at BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 in the cathegory Home that recognized the high value of design - understood as ergonomic feature, but at the same time for ethic and emotional connotation – together with aesthetic and formal aspects.
Tuck-Type interprets in an innovative way the shower seat: it guarantees support, safety, comfort and functionality thanks to the use of the soft polyurethane and the integrated mechanism that allows you to raise the lower edge in order to set up the seat, and put it back again in the vertical position after the use, in order to save space in the shower.
Bounce is a washbasin with a soft rounded shape, made of soft polyurethane: an unconventional material for the bathroom, with the peculiarity to soothe the bumps, and that at the same time lends to the surface a silky effect.
Because this universal and inclusive design approach, both Tuck-Type and Bounce have already received prestigious awards like ADI Design Index, the Hounorable Mention to the XXVI Compasso d’Oro ADI for Tuck Type and the Prize for Innovation.
BigSEE Award is the annual award organized by Zavod Big, a non-profit platform located in Slovenia, which aims to promote the sales and creative potential of south-eastern Europe, by recognizing the diversity, the uniqueness and the variety of cultures. The awards include different cathegories: architecture, interior, product, fashion, wood, creative tourism.
In order to open the mind to new ideas and create new relationships, the organisation has promoted different design events involving the 19 countries of the SEE-South East European Region (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Erzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey).
BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 for EVER Life Design 2

BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 for EVER Life Design 3

BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 for EVER Life Design 4

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