Airy and Nimble. OM by Blå Station

The superlight plywood chair unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

15/02/2023 - Airy, nimble, and very comfortable: this is OM, Johan Ansander's new lightweight chair designed for Blå Station presents a generously slender seat supported by minimal construction. An expertly moulded piece of plywood turns the hind legs into an accommodating backrest.
Blå Station, OM lightweight chair  2

Blå Station, OM lightweight chair

The same thinly cut plywood is used for the front legs and the enclosing rim, all with a precise geometry that allows for a play of shadows and light to set off the lightness of the design even further. At only 4,5 kilos, OM for Blå Station is a lightweight chair for both hand and eye. 

"My aim was to offer a generous seating experience with very few components, and with the backrest as one visually open piece," says Johan Ansander, "The seat had to be roundish in shape, not rectangular, to arrive at the right visual balance." 
OM by Blå Station  3

OM by Blå Station

The OM lightweight chair is reminiscent of classic furniture designs by the hands of Michael Thonet and Alvar Aalto with its simplicity and ingenious way of shaping wood. 

"I immediately signed Johannes on when he showed me his sketches a year ago. This was his private little secret; you would never arrive at something so striking through an ordinary product brief," exclaims Johan Lindau, CEO and design manager of Blå Station.

Blå Station on Archiproducts.com
Blå Station, OM by Johan Ansander 4

Blå Station, OM by Johan Ansander

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