Blush: A Combination of Copper and Rose Gold

THG® Paris introduces its new luxurious finish

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Blush: A Combination of Copper and Rose Gold
11/06/2019 - THG® Paris has expanded its already vast palette of luxurious offerings to include a new finish called Blush.

A harmonious marriage between traditional Copper and Rose Gold, Blush distinguishes itself from stronger shades that can overwhelm a space. The new finish is a chameleon of sorts, wonderfully versatile and adaptable, capable acting as a neutral in a variety of environments — from traditional to contemporary. Blush joins a growing palette of over 20 finishes available from the expert bath atelier.

“Our guiding principle is to be at the leading edge of creation,” said THG Paris North American Director Pedro Uranga. “THG Paris’ philosophy has always been ahead of its time in terms of luxury, which is why we’re excited to announce the addition of Blush. The new finish is an example of the exclusive know-how and personalization of the bath that is unique to THG Paris.”

THG Paris often makes bespoke products for a constellation of prestigious hospitality clients, and Blush is no exception. The French atelier created the custom PVD finish, also available in a matte option, for the hotel Vista La Cigale (formerly Vista Palace) in Monaco. Now, it is being distributed throughout the world.

As with all THG Paris products, the Blush finish is fashioned in France, where well-trained artisans use precise and meticulous movements to craft fixtures that exhibit THG Paris’ masterful artistry.Blush: A Combination of Copper and Rose Gold

Blush: A Combination of Copper and Rose Gold

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