Boffi + Piero Lissoni. Combine Kitchen

The system is enriched with new solutions and finishes

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22/06/2020 - The Combine kitchen designed by Piero Lissoni for Boffi is enriched with new solutions, maintaining its peculiar elements as single and well-identified design and function modules.

“This year Combine is equipped with a new generation of frames, like a Formula 1 racing car. It is being redesigned and reshaped another time, enriched by new functions, new set of structures, new materials and completely different fittings", says Lissoni. "The Combine of 2020 will still be Combine, but not as the previous one. In my opinion, this is what is the innovation model that Boffi proposes yearly, or rather daily":

The kitchen blocks for washing and cooking area and the block with preparation/working area are now connected by an open-faced metal structure equipped with small wooden drawers, housing a big snack table made of solid wood staves, thus conveying the integration of the dining area with the island working area.

A hanging utensil bar in matt black aluminium with LED bar light has been mounted and fixed on the countertop of the block with preparation/working area.

The working area is illuminated by a LED bar integrated in a new ceiling-fixed double shelf, consisting of a matt black painted metal structure and solid wood shelves, equipped with a hanging bar for ladles.
Storage tall units, refrigerators and ovens integrated in tall cabinets complete the island composition.

Fine finishes, as white Carrara marble, are proposed for the new technical worktops, available also in new matt black Durinox® finishing, which is a high performance scratch and fingerprint resistant stainless steel, and in solid oak for the snack table top.
Due to this evolution, Combine becomes a complete, functional, elegant and at the same time exclusive kitchen system.

Boffi + Piero Lissoni. Combine Kitchen 2

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