Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials

The new collection of minimal and cozy bed

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27/05/2020 - Bolzan Letti presents the 2020 collection designed by the in-house laboratory in collaboration with the design studio Zanellato / Bortotto, Antonella Scarpitta and Ruga.Perissinotto which follows the creative direction of the brand.
Minimalist without renouncing to the comfort, Bend bed designed by Zanellato/Bortotto is composed by a thin structure supporting a curved plan. The light padding, covered with fabric, creates a light and pleasant feeling. Cover is proposed in various tonalities in order to harmonize with every taste and atmosphere.
Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 2

Flag is a bed with a contemporary taste, combining the simplicity of its shapes with the refinement of its sartorial quality details. This project  by Ruga.Perissinotto is born from the need to use harmoniously two noble materials such as wood and fabric, and is completed with brass accessories designed to favor the combination with different types of upholsteries. Precious accessories such as the dressing table, the equipped poufs, and the armchair complete the collection.
Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 3

For Jack bed the Zanellato/Bortotto duo designs a structure in essential metal, customizable with removable covers creating multiple combinations of colors and textures. Jack is an original, versatile and transversal solution, ideal for whom conceives the night space as a dynamic and not conventional atmosphere.
Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 4

Designed by Zanellato/Bortotto, Joy plays with the opposition between the soft and important volume of the headboard and the bedframe, and the thin and geometric metallic legs. The result is a pleasant and light feeling, with an additional touch of glamorous elegance, due to the possibility to customize its fabrics and colors.
Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 5

Sailor is the bed developed by the Bolzan Lab that rediscovers the tradition to live it in a new way. Sailor’s braided headboard is handmade with archaic techniques, transporting us to distant worlds. The artisan flavor of this creation does not forget the coordinates of modernity and allows you to explore the most different settings.
Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 6

All Bolzan Letti collections uses natural, recyclable and certified materials. In the sign of sustainable commitment, the company uses wood for controlled reforestation and recyclable aluminum that lends itself to hi-tech solutions; in addition, the high density polyurethane foam ensures support and comfort and thanks to the wide range of fabrics and color variations, guarantees a unique customization of the products. A manufacture built with care and attention to detail, a project that combines elegance, sobriety and noble materials; like full-grain cloud leathers, treated with modern processing and coloring techniques.

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Bolzan Letti: Soft Lines, Natural Materials 8

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