Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality

Favaretto&Partners for Bernhardt Design

18/03/2020 - Bernhardt Design introduces the Bombom chair by Italian designer Francesco Favaretto. A distinctive lounge chair as comfortable as it is functional. Although function is nowadays often forgotten for the sake of aesthetic Favaretto has insisted on focusing on both. “It should be beautiful but also perfect for a nap and to rest our arms.” To achieve this goal, he took his inspiration from the Kraphen — a German pastry similar to a donut but without the hole — and you can feel it. Appealing to the eye yet fondant to sit in.
Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality 2

Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design states, “The chair is deceiving as it looks like a typical barrel chair and then you sit in it and you are shocked by how comfortable it is.”
Bombom is a game of contrasts. “I liked the juxtaposition of having a very thin structural shell and a very generous interior. It is hard where it should be hard and soft when you are in it”, adds Helling. This achievement is due to the absence of a metal structure inside a cushion made in injection molded polyurethane foam. The lower base is, on the other hand, supported by an angular swivel, build from a 25mm steel tubing. Very sturdy. From the stylistic tension between the informal and imposant soft organic cushion, justified by the formal precise nature of the structural frame, the chair seems to be held in levitation.
Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality 3

The softness goes hand in hand with the rounded shape of the cushions. Thus, Favaretto moves forward with the ongoing trend of sharp, rigorous, and dry lines. He emphasizes the absence of angles allowing Bombom's exterior and interior cushions to gracefully merge together; creating a harmonious and playful form. In a whole, by focusing on its softness, Favaretto created a timeless seat which easily bends into any environment.
Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality 4

Due to its size and varied finishes, Bombom integrates luxurious comfort with a modern appeal and is available with upholstery choices including Bernhardt Textiles, leather, and customer’s own material (COM). The base comes in polished stainless steel or a matte black powdercoat.
Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality 5

Bombom Chair. Comfort + Functionality 6

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