Brad Pitt Converts Small Garage into a Guest House

The project that stars 'Celebrity I.O.U.', a new TV show by the Scott brothers

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27/05/2020 – His fans are accustomed to seeing him on the silver screen, walking the red carpet on his way to the Oscar awards, or giving insight into the making of his latest movie. This time they will have the chance to see him in a rather unusual role, personally involved in an ambitious restoration project. To surprise his friend and makeup artist of 30 years, Jean Ann Black, by renovating an old garage and converting it into a charming annex with garden, Brad Pitt teams up with the Scott brothers.

Jonathan and Drew, probably the two most famous real estate agents on the small screen, are well known also in Italy, as the “Fratelli in Affari”. The brothers make Brad discover Clei’s convertible furniture range and help him, in only three weeks time, to turn a dusty garage into a guest suite with storage area. The whole story, including the different stages of the project, make the first episode of the new TV show “Celebrity I.O.U.”, a program by Property Brothers. Originally aired by the Canadian HGTV network, the program will be shown in Italy as well.

Santa Monica, California. Jean’s 37 sqm garage is far too small to contain the whole list of ideas the movie star comes up with: kitchen, living room, guestroom, bathroom, a dedicated makeup area and a storage space that can hold all the bulky items in Jean’s professional tool kit. “A challenging task, but it has incredible potential,” - says Brad. The Scott Brothers have an ace up their sleeve: Clei’s convertible furniture range.
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Indeed, Drew and Jonathan are quite familiar with the Clei catalog and the many solutions it offers when it comes to dealing with space shortage. They know that it all depends on a project that can turn a cubby into a pleasant multi-functional environment. Only a few years back Drew had decided to furnish the small and narrow attic of his home in California with the revolving LGM model, a storage wall with book-rack that in a breath converts into a double bed. It finally allowed him to have both, a private study and guest room, on just a few square meters. Having firsthand experience with the advantages of designing small spaces with Clei, the Scott Brothers are sure: to content Brad with his wish list Clei will be the key.
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In the second part of the episode, the structural works are almost completed, we accompany Jonathan and Drew to the Los Angeles showroom of Clei’s North American distributor. They are looking for a space-saving furniture solution that can contain a comfortable living and sleeping area. They happen to find Swing, a convertible furniture system with foldaway double bed, integrated couch and single-column bookcase. Pulling at the tilting shelf a freshly made double bed appears, turning the living room into a sleeping area for guests.

“Hilarious!”, comments Brad Pitt when he is first shown the new guest house.
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Brad is visibly excited by the choices of the Scott Brothers. And so is his friend Jean at the end of the episode, when the three of them show her around. No script, no screenplay, just a big surprise, an almost incredulous smile and sheer amazement: the dusty old 37 sqm garage has been transformed into a new and hospitable space where Jean can welcome guests and clients without having to renounce any comfort.

Jean looks enchanted, perplexed, caught in disbelief. She can’t help but repeating: “Gorgeous! Stunning!” The movie stars comes to her aid with a pertinent remark: “It’s a trick.” The truly unbelievable transformation of her garage is indeed a “trick”, some kind of “makeup” and, as such, an almost ironic allusion to his friend’s profession. It proofs that a very small space can hold everything Jean could have asked for: a large bed, a work space with plenty of storage possibilities, everything in its place and handy, but with looks of a luxurious living space.

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