Brokis Presents a New Virtual Boutique Hotel

An opportunity to discover the light collections showcased in 14 scenes. Appointment today on Brokis social media accounts for a guided tour with Lucie Koldova and Jan Rabell

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11/01/2021 - Brokis presents the Boutique Hotel Brokis, a new virtual project in collaboration with Studio Salaris and Suprema, which builds on the successes of the virtual villa at the beginning of 2021. The unique and realistic concept featuring the awe-inspiring compositions of the BROKIS lighting collections realistically underlines the singularity of the lights in space. Now set in a trendy hotel complex, the project offers a variety of remarkable scenes, with everything rendered at an extremely high level of quality. Today, 11 January 2022 from 7pm CET you can watch a special stream on Brokis social media accounts, during which designer Lucie Koldova and the owner of BROKIS, Jan Rabell, will take you on a guided virtual tour of the hotel.

The hotel welcomes visitors in a grand lobby featuring a clean and minimalistic yet stunning light cloud comprising IVY Single, which was designed by Brokis art director, Lucie Koldova. There are luxury suites, a restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor terrace with swimming pool. The premises of the hotel are truly expansive, so there is plenty of room to let your imagination run free. Our lighting collections are showcased in 14 extraordinary scenes, each of which beckons visitors to dream big.
Brokis Presents a New Virtual Boutique Hotel 2

Inside the hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to view 19 of Brokis lighting collections. The presentation features not only the most popular collections in the BROKIS portfolio from earlier years but also the latest ones for 2021.

During your time in the virtual hotel, you’ll see the following collections: Bonbori, Planets, Sfera Portable, Geometric, Macaron, Puro, Jack O’Lantern, Dome Nomad, a new collection of lights that cast an unmistakable ambience across the outdoor terrace with swimming pool, Orbis pendent lights, a new collection for 2022 presented in a virtual restaurant, and many more.

The virtual hotel offers architects, interior designers, and end clients the opportunity to see the majority of Brokis collections in a single location, in a single hotel.
Brokis Presents a New Virtual Boutique Hotel 3

And what does the owner of BROKIS, Jan Rabell, have to say about the brand’s second virtual project? ‘I’m very pleased with the result, and I trust you’ll like it as well. The success of the virtual villa confirmed that we had set out in the right direction, which is why we immediately began laying the groundwork for another virtual project. And I must say that we plan to continue in this direction in the future. Virtual reality lets us present our products to our clients in these complicated times in outstanding quality that I think we can all be happy with.’

During the virtual tour, you’ll discover several vantagepoints that reveal the detail within the unique lighting compositions as well as combinations and colour choices. Just like the virtual villa, the virtual hotel offers a summary of the key information for each lighting collection. New for this project is an option to share the individual lighting scenes on your social media accounts or create your own wish list linked to our MyBROKIS application. An integral aspect of the virtual projects is the ability to switch between day and night, a function that lets you experience two entirely different ambiences during a single visit to the hotel.

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Brokis Presents a New Virtual Boutique Hotel 7

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