Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette

From chocolate brown to green, the chairs designed by Marco Zito and Michael Schmidt are dressed in new shades

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11/10/2021 - The warm shades of autumn dress the Bross upholstered furniture designed by Marco Zito and Michael Schmidt, offering an original variation of the current interior design trends.
From the bright illuminating that continues to set the trend in this 2021, up to the nuances orchid, pink, lilac terracotta and green, chocolate brown and the timeless camel that characterizes every autumn with its warm and deep chromatic note. The shades of design for the new season are heterogeneous and varied and can be easily combined with each other to create balanced and dynamic interior projects. 
SIT is designed by Marco Zito, who has created a versatile and contemporary range of lounge armchairs, chaise longue and poufs with soft and enveloping lines, shaped for maximum ergonomics. SIT is an archetype that is here declined in a shell with curved profiles, where the backrest element is developed on two sides only, with padding modelled in different thicknesses to accommodate the person. The result is the possibility to arrange the chair freely, thanks also to the free side that allows an easy combination with a small table or a side table, which in the lounge version can be directly integrated with the structure, available in black lacquered or brushed bronze. In the latter configuration, it is ideal for use in office or hospitality environments. SIT is available with fabric or leather upholstery, enhanced by the visible stitching that contributes to its shape. 
Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 2

The WAM collection designed by Marco Zito is an elaborate project that includes an armchair, a bergere seat, a sofa, benches, poufs and coffee tables that can be placed in private or public spaces. The starting point around which the product family is developed is the combination of two elements: the metal base, in black or brushed bronze finish, and the large volumes of the upholstered parts. The composition of the body of the armchair, bergere and sofa - in which the headrest is connoted -allows to experiment with colour and texture combinations in the choice of upholstery, for a personalized design. 
Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 3

The Nora collection signed by Michael Schmidt is composed of a small armchair, a stool and a lounge chair in which the solid wood structure becomes the identity sign of his design. The back legs, in natural, stained or matt lacquered ash, extend to define the lower profile of the armrest, with a double decorative and functional value. The shell, upholstered and covered in leather or fabric, is embellished with tone-on-tone or contrasting stitching. 
Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 4

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 5

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 6

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 7

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 8

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 9

Bross Upholstery in Autumn Palette 10

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