Caesar Design film Award. A Bridge Between Design, Architecture and Cinema

"Design for Change". The first edition of the competition that rewards short films linked to the world of design

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24/11/2020 - Ceramiche Caesar reiterates its vocation for innovation and progressiveness by bringing to life a new and original project synergistically combining design, architecture and ceramics: the Caesar Design Film Award (CDFA), a competition announced at the fifth edition of the Ennesimo Film Festival, awarding short films linked to the world of design and architecture.
The response came loud and clear from all around the world: over 150 films from 38 different nations were entered, testifying to the recognition and appreciation of Caesar's evolutionary drive. A result that heralds the Caesar Design Film Award (CDFA) as an important bridge of dialogue and cooperation between producers and users of the material on the one hand, and the viewpoint of directors and professionals of the cinema industry on the other, who have successfully conjured up an out-of-the-box and enlightening vision. This result is one of Caesar's objectives, as it strives to give a voice to the new avant-gardism of communication, capable of more thoroughly expressing the value of design in terms of its architectonic, stylistic and social vocation.
CDFA drew inspiration from a highly topical stimulus: “Design for Change” encouraged participants to recount the change a design project is capable of generating in mankind, society and the environment, expressing the strength of transformation and making room for the creativity which originally inspired the project. The age in which we live makes it inevitable for us to face up to change, in human, environmental and economic terms, to enable a better and more sustainable quality of life overall.
The winning short film, “Learning by Doing. Lesotho 2018” by Fabio Petronilli draws inspiration from this concept, honing the audience's and jury's focus on a topic of great interest: Learning by Doing. The docu-film recounts the urban regeneration process in one of South Africa's poorest towns, Lesotho, involving the building of a wing for youths in God's Love Centre Orphanage. The program not only developed a project in response to needs, but also involved young local professionals who teamed up with other international students and architects to reconcile the project with the history of the place in terms of materials, building and construction tradition.
A Technical Jury – including Guglielmo Renzi, a professional in the fields of architecture, design and art; Elena Vai, a researcher and PhD student who heads Bologna Design Week; Paolo Noto, Professor of cinema, photography and television at the University of Bologna's Department of Arts; Jessica-Christin Hametner, editor of OnOffice Magazine and ICON, specialised in design – awarded the recognition on 5 September 2020 after carefully examining short-listed films and selecting the winner on the basis of excellent architecture, design, cinema and art skills.
“Learning by Doing. Lesotho 2018” by Fabio Petronilli also received the Wannabe Design Prize, awarded by a jury of Architecture and Cinema students out of 6 short-listed films played during the event. With this initiative, the Fiorano Modenese-based company aims to generate fresh input for the communication of this highly versatile material, as an operating tool and lever for continuous training as well as for the promotion of architecture.
The first edition of the Caesar Design Film Award aims to metaphorically represent the first milestone of an ongoing project, combining cultural opportunities with aspects of project development for professionals capable of leveraging the added value porcelain tiles provide in terms of innovation, blending tradition and progressiveness.

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