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Seven laboratories freely available to universities, research centres and foundations

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15/10/2020 - Caimi creates a non-profit entity to make OPEN LAB freely available to universities, research centres, foundations and other bodies to conduct studies, especially but not solely, in fields related to acoustics and sounds, to find optimal ways to improve the physical and mental well-being of people.

Finally, since the company truly believes in making its cutting-edge technology available to all, the OPEN LAB project will include training courses, lessons and special training camps, in Italy and abroad, for architects, schools and universities. Such initiatives will be organised in conjunction with professional associations of architects, engineers and surveyors.

Additional courses will be offered on an array of acoustic topics and workshops will provide practical training about aspects like sound, materials and spaces in relation to design. The company's endless exploration of the human habitat will ensure Caimi Open Lab becomes a centre of research and development in which ergonomics, aesthetics, modular solutions and innovative technologies merge in pursuit of finding new forms of design that are then turned into tangible, usable materials and products. A company that is constantly at the service of humanity

Caimi Brevetti on ARCHIPRODUCTS
Caimi Open Lab 2

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