Carpets Inspired by Art Deco and Constructivism

Toulemonde Bochart presents its new collection at Maison & Objet

06/09/2019 - For this new collection, Toulemonde Bochart mixing art deco and constructivism trends. Thus, geometric lines are prominent, whilst other free forms, inspired by nature, are developed by designers or Toulemonde Bochart. Deceptive effects also enrich the collection, such as ceramic tiles worn by time and bare threads.
The variety of the colours enrich the collection, from terracotta to deep blues and natural hues, harmonising with sophisticated and timeless interiors. In terms of materials, wool is making a big comeback this year but it knows how to mix. Hemp is the newest fiber in the spotlight, with its velvety, handmade weaves making each carpet a unique piece.
Unique and individual creations
Toulemonde Bochart has again given free rein to some select renowned French designers. In a vernacular drawing inspired by nature for Emmanuel Gallina or in the rounded shapes of Géraldine Prieur, for example, the brand transcribes with precision and delicacy the very individual universe of each creator.
The new collection traverses time and places. The Toulemonde Bochart models, ‘Amalfi’ and ‘Rimini’, - whose tones are noticeably inspired by the 60s and the Italian leaders of the time - are the oversized motifs of Laurent Maugust’s ‘Ginko’ rug. Meanwhile, Florence Bourel pays tribute to art deco graphics and its leaders with her ‘Sonia’ rug.
The renowned rug house also invites you to travel back in time with their models ‘Hero’, with its shibori pattern, and ‘Navona’ and ‘Piazza’, a nod to the artistic Italian trend of the 20s.
Through its wide range of colours, Toulemonde Bochart personalises all interiors: pastel and neutral colours in a bohemian spirit, and bright colours for a more retro atmosphere.
Modernity in traditional savoir-faire
It is in Asia, India and Nepal that Toulemonde Bochart built its savoir-faire manual of woven, tufted and hand-knotted carpets. In this new collection, the brand adapts these techniques, offering new combinations of materials to create surprising texture effects.
The forms are destructuring. Reda Amalou transposes his silk screen work in the ‘Fragment’ rugs, where the subtlety of the lines has been preserved through a play of materials between iridescent velvet and ringed, undercut effects. The Sumak weaving in Eric Gizard’s ‘Clair Obscure’ rug gives it an authentic and resolutely ethnic chic character.
Toulemonde Bochart has mixed the materials in its compositions, from wool to vegetable silk and bamboo fibre. The hemp, used this year, brings a raw and timeless dimension in the ‘Works’ rug by Eric Gizard and also a truly unique finish to the ‘Origines’ model.
For the first time, Toulemonde Bochart combines wool and nylon, which, beyond its contemporary matte/shiny appearance, offers durability and easy maintenance.

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