Casalis Launches EARTH

First 100% biodegradable Collection of poufs and carpets at Biennale Interieur

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Casalis Launches EARTH
11/10/2018 - Casalis continues to expand their ground-breaking collection with the addition of exciting new pieces to their range, which are to be unveiled to the public for the first time at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk Belgium. Inspired by nature, Casalis created an entirely new collection of ecological, 100% biodegradable, poufs and carpets. 

Inspired by nature, while caring for nature
During the Biennale Interieur, Casalis will launch their new, completely eco-friendly collection of poufs and carpets; EARTH. Inspired by a desire to reconnect with nature, designer Liset van der Scheer wanted to bring the experience of wandering through a forest into the interior sphere. To realise her vision, Casalis flexed their creative and technological skills, employing an innovative, 3D tufting technique to create a 3D structured carpet that mimics the texture of moss.

In order to truly live up to the name of its latest collection, Casalis exclusively used all-natural materials, including organic wool, natural latex, and the plant-based dyes used to colour the carpets which have been appropriately named after earthly elements - CLOUD, FOREST, MOSS, STONE, SAND and DUST .

To complement the outdoors experience, the accompanying EARTH pouf is knitted with textured Merino wool, originating from ecologically raised sheep which similar to the carpet, provides characteristics of organic, irregular structure of natural surfaces. As with the carpet, it too is coloured with plant-based dyes. The poufs are filled with synthetic balls that are completely recyclable and part of an end-of-life program with Casalis, in which they can be returned to be repurposed. The Earth Pouf is an variation of the successful Bonnet pouf.

Dedication to creating completely biodegradable products
The EARTH carpet was conceived to be 100% biodegradable, using organic wool in the fabric and natural latex as opposed to synthetic glues. Casalis dedicated three years of research to finally come up with a product that would meet this requirement. Particular attention was given to finding a natural cloth onto which a carpet could be tufted as they intended, and investigated methods to manage the less stable character of the fabric. 

To achieve an all-natural, eco-friendly product, Casalis needed to find dyes that are entirely plant based, and that could be implemented in an industrial process. This proved to be a particular challenge. After an in-depth search, the right plant-based dyes were discovered, which through age old techniques and state-of-the-art technology could colour natural fibres, resulting in the muted shades of nature used for this collection.

A commitment to sustainability and an eco-conscience progression into the future
The launch of the EARTH collection marks a new direction for Casalis, one which over the years has already taken root within the producer; sustainable, eco-conscience products. Conscience of the pollution and climate change facing our planet, Casalis has long been aware of the necessity to work with and create products with biodegradable ingredients. A process which will only increase moving forward.

The collections are not only symbolic of the company’s values and its approach towards a future vision of more ecological production means, but also the actual embodiment of that commitment. As of the launch of the new collection, Casalis will offer shipping alternatives, by boat rather than air freight, for pieces produced outside of Europe. Customers, who do not mind a longer lead time, will have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from a significant cost reduction.

Landmarks; an exhibition of ground-breaking interior brands
The EARTH collection will be presented at Biennale Interieur, where Casalis joins the group exhibition ‘Landmarks’, a collective focused on meaningful, sustainable and avant garde interior brands whose products are conceived as inspirational, unique landmarks in interior spaces. 

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