FMG Reinterprets the Granite Texture

The Celeste Aran MaxFine porcelain surfaces feature a grey-blue granular texture with white shading inspired by the stone extracted in the Pyrenees

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23/12/2022 - Granite, a natural stone of volcanic origin consisting of quartz, feldspar and mica, meets MaxFine technology by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti to create a new porcelain stoneware surface with a primordial appeal: Celeste Aran MaxFine.
Inspired by granite quarried in the Pyrenees, in the Val d’Aran after which it is named, it has a grey-blue granular texture with white shading, which gives it a distinctive look that complements both classic and modern styles. 
Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG 2

Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG

Produced in five different formats – from 300x150 cm to 75x37.5 cm – with a 6 mm thickness, the new texture is available in the Lapped finishes for an elegant look that enhances the three-dimensionality of the product with a polished/matte effect on the surface, and Honed, for a more classic look.
Be it for conventional laying on floors and walls or application design, Celeste Aran MaxFine is extremely versatile and is therefore able to meet the many different demands of the design industry. It is not only resistant to temperature changes and wear and tear, but is also waterproof, easy to clean, and remains unaltered over time. Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine is also available upon request as Active Surfaces®, the eco-active surface with antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning properties, which is certified to ISO standards and thus ensures healthier, safer, and more sanitized environments.
Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG 3

Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG

Besides offering creative freedom, thanks to Hypertouch, Aran Celeste MaxFine can also become a smart surface. In fact, an integrated system of home automation sensors allows lighting, temperature control and audio-video systems to be switched on and off, and windows and doors to be opened and closed by simply touching or lightly pressing the surface of the panel.

With Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine, FMG offers not only a design and high performance solution, but also sustainable: it is in fact the result of the processing of clays, sands and pure minerals, without toxic additives, in production plants with zero emissions.

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Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG 4

Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG

Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG 5

Granito Celeste Aran MaxFine by FMG

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