Ceramic Inspired by Venetian Atmospheres

Precious light for the Luci di Venezia collection by Decoratori Bassanesi

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23/03/2020 - Venice… the light from the skies embracing the gleaming light reflected off the water, the poetry and colours of the Serenissima, all reproduced on the coloured surfaces of the Luci di Venezia collection by Decoratori Bassanesi

A collection rich in evocative details, precious and unique like the city that inspired it, and gives the richness, art and charm you find wandering the little alleyways between the canals, when your eyes can hardly take in so much beauty.

Luci di Venezia: inspiration
Water, the element of communication and protection. The shifting essence from which to derive our vision of the space and our understanding of colour. Through its history, Venice has welcomed the greatest masters and artisans of each age, who came from all around with the skills to transform the surfaces of paintings, buildings and theatrical sets into masterpieces of elegance.
Ceramic Inspired by Venetian Atmospheres 2

Here, where matter has been shaped by masterful hands in the pursuit of forms of uncommon beauty, a culture of creativity has been fashioned from memory and suggestion, leaving an elemental legacy that has made the city of lagoons the muse that inspires each new design.

Luci di Venezia: tiles, wallpapers, mirrors
In decorative terms, the surface coverings in the Luci di Venezia collection are at their most effective in environments in which the lighting and interplay of reflections bring out the full potential of the metallic and opalescent glazes used in the surface layers Multiple layers of material, opalescent glazes and mirrored surfaces create unexpected light effects that alter the onlooker’s perception of colour, depending on where they are standing.
Ceramic Inspired by Venetian Atmospheres 3

With a range of chromatics, from natural shades to more vivid colours, the Luci di Venezia collection can be used in a wide variety of different combinations and contexts for anything from the most subdued effect to the most vibrant accents.
With excellent resistance to chlorine and salt water, they are the perfect choice for pools, spas and health clubs.

Luci di Venezia wallpapers are the ideal option for interior spaces. Their versatility and ease of application make them particularly suited to elegant combinations that offer impactful decorative effects on key surfaces and enhance the feel of the room as a whole.
Ceramic Inspired by Venetian Atmospheres 4

Laguna is the new range of mirrors in the Luci di Venezia collection. With their weave of narrow metallic strips, the mirrored elements create vibrating surfaces that amplify the reverberation of light and leave the spaces in which they are used feeling brighter and more spacious.

The beauty of the creative process: from idea to form
Interior design is a world of endless fascination that we never tire of exploring to bring you our innovative, and highly sought-after solutions.
Ceramic Inspired by Venetian Atmospheres 5

“For us, to design a product is to explore an idea, to set out on a new journey, to discover new, contemporary languages capable of generating longlasting surface coverings made from the finest materials and with unrivalled attention to detail. We approach the design and manufacture of our new materials directly and honestly, taking the product’s function as the starting point on the path into the heart of the creative process – investigation, exploration and experimentation – and the development of new visual and tactile sensations”.

Along the way, we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with some of the most exciting figures working in the field of interior decor and design. And in turn, the sensibility of our designers and the demands of the developers who use their products drives the exploration of new technologies and functionalities, opening up new design scenarios. The creation of a new collection begins with a blank page and the start of a fresh, new composition that will lead to a unique and, for us, inevitably surprising result.

DECORATORI BASSANESI on Archiproducts.com
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