Changing Perceptions

3D printed quartz sand by Sandhelden

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27/08/2020 - The German manufacturer Sandhelden combines high-quality design with the unlimited technical and aesthetic possibilities of 3D printing. In all living and art areas of daily life, Sandhelden creates a range of products and services outside the standard. 
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The company was founded in Luebeck (Germany) in 2014, produces since 2018 in Gersthofen and operates a design office in the heart of Munich.
With the processing of quartz sand, a sustainable and high-quality raw material is used, whose unique character in the form of texture is just as fascinating as its formability into amazing and elegant designs. It offers high versatility and structural strength as well as positive thermal properties. Sandhelden aims to fundamentally change the image of sand: Changing perceptions. 
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But Sandhelden is more than just a manufacturer of sand-made objects. As a collaboration partner of established and emerging designers, the company supports and accompanies them throughout the entire project - from the first sketch until the final product. 
Sandhelden is currently investing in the expansion of its material portfolio by adding sustainable and recyclable raw materials. The goal is to achieve a higher degree of individuality and a more environmentally friendly process. 

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