Chill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier

New Tacchini seatings collection at Interieur and Orgatec

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Chill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier
18/10/2016 - At Interieur and Orgatec, Tacchini presents Chill-Out, the new seatings collection designed by Gordon Guillaumier.

A design revolution for the space and time of work life. ‘out_of_office’ no longer signifies a state of absence or impossibility – just an easy, comfortable, often enviable change of mood. Any time, anywhere in the world, you can work happily, making the most of waiting, catching up on travel time, enjoying the discretion of a work-station or chair that are designed to welcome, to respect and to furnish with unmistakeable style. Tacchini’s Chill_Out_High system is a new design experience, dedicated to today’s international lifestyle.

Feeling good in a place that is not your own. Being able to concentrate and recharge, while awaiting an important interview or an urgent meeting. Getting some privacy, during a busy day, away from familiar spaces. Chill_Out_High is Tacchini’s design response to the frenetic nature and lack of privacy of modern life. Comfortable, sheltered seating provides the brief, visual screen needed for a moment to work, or to reflect. Allowing yourself a deep breath and some tranquil seclusion. The Chill_Out_High system protects and separates with elegance, giving a great welcome to whoever is travelling, pausing, waiting, arriving, leaving, returning.

When beauty is designed to go beyond the limits, over and above the standards of comfort and functionality, to further improve and inspire. Chill_Out_High by Tacchini is a unique seating system, with a super-high padded back, which can be combined with normal-height elements from the same collection. Extremely sleek and configurable in every detail to own requirements, Chill_Out_High also has a desk and lamp with integrated USB port. The desk surface is available in the following marble finishes: matt Basaltina, matt Carrara or polished Calacatta.

Tacchini Italia Forniture on ARCHIPRODUCTSChill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier

Chill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier

Chill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier

Chill-Out by Gordon Guillaumier

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