Closca Mask: Protection for Society, the Planet and Yourself

The masks with a message that inspire a shift to collective action

12/09/2020 - Claiming the mask as a symbol of empathy, collective action and reflection, and not as a fashion accessory. This is the aim of the new generation of Closca Mask and Closca Mask Kids, the reusable, washable and certified masks from the Valencian design firm, Closca, which have arisen from the experience and learning accumulated during the adverse times of the pandemic.

“It would be unfair to introduce Closca Mask as a mere sequel or improved version of its predecessor”, says Carlos Ferrando, CEO and founder of Closca. “The new Closca Mask and Closca Mask Kids pose a new challenge and are the result of co-creation with our customers and followers, whom we have listened to carefully during all this time. Here at Closca we do not know how to give up or stand still”.
Closca Mask: Protection for Society, the Planet and Yourself 2

The new generation of Closca Mask (both the adult and kids’ versions) are reusable and washable masks and its material has the innovative treatment of CO2pure, which not only kills viruses and bacteria, but also neutralises pollutants (CO2, NOx and NO2). With a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >90% (after the first 25 washes, this stays above 70%). The new Closca Mask follows the European Regulation CWA 17553:2020 and is Eurofins, Aitex and OEKO-TEX standard-100 certified. An alternative to disposable masks –whose mass production and neglect is causing worrying environmental damage–, which also has a hygienic bag specifically designed to protect the Closca Mask from cross-contamination and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to other surfaces or people.

Locally manufactured in Spain (with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide), unisex and available in 3 sizes for adults and one size for children, it is comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its texture and its grip system with T-shaped Velcro and optional reinforcement around the ears with rubber bands in the children’s model. In addition, it has a good breathability index (32 Pa/cm2), and, both the mask and the protective storage bag are additivated with the innovative compound CO2pure, a mineral additive capable of absorbing and mineralising particles like CO2, NO2 and NOx into matter that is harmless to health and the environment while killing off viruses and bacteria.
Closca Mask: Protection for Society, the Planet and Yourself 3

Today, Closca Mask and Closca Mask Kids aim to reduce the risk of contagion by protecting ourselves, and, above all, by protecting others and our surroundings in a call for collective action and raising awareness about the air we breathe. This is a declaration of intent, nothing to do with passing trends.

This interest in using design to inspire change has already been recognised by the industry with the Gold Delta ADI-FAD 2016 and the Red Dot Design awards in 2015 and 2017. Closca’s designs can be found in museums such as MoMA and the Guggenheim in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Victoria and Albert in London.

Closca Mask, protection for society, the planet and yourself
Closca Mask is the result of the reflection and solidarity that this pandemic has brought out in all of us: on one hand, the feeling of empathy that comes from understanding that protecting others and the planet is protecting ourselves, and, on the other hand, taking a responsible attitude towards the future that we want the next generations to inherit.
Closca Mask: Protection for Society, the Planet and Yourself 4

The fact is that opting for an approved reusable mask –for a minimum of 25 times– helps to prevent and counteract the environmental impact caused by the manufacture and mass disposal of single-use hygienic masks.

Closca Mask Kids, a symbol of children’s bravery in the face of a challenging return to routine
The Valencian brand appeals to the new generations with Closca Mask Kids, a much-anticipated children’s model that pays tribute to the brave and responsible attitude with which the youngest members of our population have moved us. Closca Mask Kids has all the advantages of Closca Mask and is available in one size, suitable for boys and girls from approximately 7 to 12 years old.
Closca Mask: Protection for Society, the Planet and Yourself 5

The children’s masks designed by Closca come in light grey as the base colour and some eye-catching “war paint” to choose between green (Leaf) or orange (Carrot). “Children’s attitudes during these complex months have amazed us. Closca Mask Kids is a recognition of their bravery and strength and reminds them of their important role in the complex current context that has created so much insecurity for us all: Closca Mask Kids is for them. For all the brave children who go to school and to the park protected and protecting others”, says Ferrando.

Exercise of resilience and humility of an honest and committed company
During the months of April and May, COVID-19 affected not only the way in which Closca works, but it also drastically affected the delivery and response times to the customers who supported and participated in the project through the pre-sale of Closca Mask.

Ferrando speaks honestly: “despite the difficulties, we worked tirelessly and with limited resources, we faced the consequences of our own and others’ mistakes, and, above all, we assumed our responsibilities. It was hard to see how a brand built on strong values and a robust community was threatened by a host of changes and obstacles in one of our many projects.”

Closca and the new generation of Closca Mask represent perseverance and resilience. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem, mistakes are seen as part of the journey and thus, with constant learning and overcoming as mantras, this is how Closca has successfully managed to overcome the dilemma in which the pandemic placed it, as well as many other companies, professionals and projects in the country.

“I did not become an entrepreneur to have an easy life, but to bring innovative solutions to existing problems. Even if it meant taking more risks, we never considered the possibility of giving up because we believe that the world still needs an icon like Closca Mask and because we did not want to stop until we had a product with which we could be 100% satisfied”, claims Ferrando.

“We are driven to make unique designs, we aspire to create icons that have strength and respond to real and urgent challenges. We strive to make them helpful and encourage people to take action. The positive transformation we advocate is in the hands of us all.”

Closca on Archiproducts.com
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