Colors and Geometry for Your Outdoor Space

The outdoor 2020 fabrics by Memedesign

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31/08/2020 - Memedesign opens up more and more to the outdoor world and proves more and more attention to details also in this field. You can see it well with the range of outdoor 2020 fabrics, available in two different models, 'Archimede' plain color available in 7 different colors, and 'Geometric' with a simple and refined design available in 4 different colors.
Colors and Geometry for Your Outdoor Space 2

Both types of fabrics are available for all Memedesign outdoor products, equipped with upholstery fabric, such as the Lolita collection composed of a sofa and armchair and the Archimede poufs.
Colors and Geometry for Your Outdoor Space 3

The fabric is made of an innovative thermoregulating and transpiring polyolefin fiber, which requires a simple 40 ° machine wash. It resists multiple washes, does not require drying but dries in just 5 minutes. It does not absorb any kind of dirt or odors. Resistant to fungus, bacteria, sunlight, moisture, chlorine, food stains and sweat. Color fastness to sunlight is guaranteed for 10 years.
Colors and Geometry for Your Outdoor Space 4

But there is more. Memedesign outdoor fabrics are also provided with the flame retardant certifications suitable for hotels. They are also non-toxic, in accordance with current European and American legislation. This makes the fabrics particularly suitable also for indoor use and therefore they are also proposed by Memedesign for the Eirene collection of indoor poufs, as well as for the cushion of the nice Bobino Pouf.


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