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Kast Concrete Basins once again at ICFF New York 2017

29/05/2017 - Kast Concrete Basins returned to ICFF 2017 in New York for the 3rd year running and are set to expand further into the USA. Their showroom ordering system was exclusively unveiled for the first time only to partnering showrooms & representatives
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With such vast versatility and unique characteristics, concrete is like no other material on the market. Through the individual nature of concrete, Kast products have become incredibly popular with design-minded individuals and those with a taste for the exclusive.
Concrete is derived from a number of materials that are variable in nature and acheiving consistent mixes with our specially developed blends of cements, admixtures, aggregates and tints is a highly skilled process. The organic variations in colour and surface texture that can occur as a result of this process, such as flow lines and bug holes, create a distinctive aesthetic that is integral to the character of the material.
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Much like a natural stone or timber, concrete will also naturally patina over time and will evolve depending on the usage and surroundings. These idiosyncrasies are considered part of the aesthetic appeal of concrete and are what makes each Kast basin unique.
The optimized designs, manufacturing processes and streamlined production facilities provide Kast with an unmatched capability to produce concrete products to a high standard and at volumes required for commercial supply.
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With 22 colours to choose from in total, ranging from delicate tones to high intensity hues, Kast can offer a solution to suit a variety of individual project requirements. All Kast concrete basins are available in Kast Colours. Samples of all the Kast tones and mixes are available on request.
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