Concrete LCDA with Sebastian Herkner and Rodolphe Parente

The new Panbeton® Collection @ M&O 2019

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Concrete LCDA with Sebastian Herkner and Rodolphe Parente
06/09/2019 - Concrete LCDA worked in collaboration with Sebastian Herkner and Rodolphe Parente for the new 2019/2020 Panbeton® Collection. It will be exhibited at MAISON&OBJET in Paris from 6th to 10th september - Hall 6 : Booth O102 – P101.

Sebastian Herkner, Designer of the Year MAISON&OBJET on January, will present at this edition, a new Panbeton® design conceived with Concrete LCDA. The wall cladding Mica purchase Sebastian Herkner’s creative approach : associate tradition and creation. Panbeton® Mica

Panbeton® Mica

"For Mica, we wanted to play with the single surface of the concrete, emphasizing its qualities by contrast to other materials. We sought out the perfect combination of a material to elevate it: inlaying fragments of stone, polished glass, mirror shards and more to find the perfect balance between matte and glossy, coarse and precious. For example, the random inlaying of delicate sparkling petals reveals unique panels with singular reflections of light which subtly show off the new material."

The Panbeton® collection developed by Rodolphe Parente pays tribute to the work of great modernist architects with a passion for concrete, the likes of François le Coeur, Robert Mallet-Stevens and Auguste Perret. Panbeton® Whipped

Panbeton® Whipped

"Whipped, Combed and Fingerprint magnify the motions and the craftsmanship through expressive, narrative writing. The textures I sculpted are evocative of finishes in motion, in an irregular, raw and tangible style. Those 'coarse materials', typically employed on exteriors, have now slipped into the world of interior architecture with singular poetics, endowing the ambiance with a living, pictorial dimension." Rodolphe Parente also developed a range of equivocal colours, playing with the effects of the perception of light reflected off concrete panels.

For Rusty, the Studio LCDA drew inspiration from workshop façades which had been altered by nature (wind, rain, sunlight, etc.), traces of the inescapable passage of time. Panbeton® Rusty

Panbeton® Rusty

This cladding tells the story of solid, physical architecture, metamorphosed by the years in an echo of the industrial era. A panel with various interpretations, Panbeton® unveils multiple shades of Aztec brown and black , with coppery touches intermingling with concrete layers snatched and inlays of sand. We wanted to offer concrete from an urban approach , marked by its rusty, almost oxidized appearance. An authentic, pitted panel with an intense character, charmingly assuming its origins and its impacted material, like visible structural concrete.Panbeton® Fingerprint

Panbeton® Fingerprint

Panbeton® Combed

Panbeton® Combed

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