Cork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable

DAM reinterprets the material with PIPO, CORTINA, MAGMA and FLORA

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Cork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable
05/07/2019 - Versatile and multifunctional products, natural materials, long lifetime products, timeless decor, socially responsible manufacturing - they are many ways of doing our part and everyone knows the green future has to be right now. 

Talking about natural materials, one of the materials we love is agglomerated cork. DAM reinterprets this material exploring the infinite potentialities of cork giving it new uses. With PIPO stool, CORTINA pendant lamp, MAGMA and FLORA coffee table, they want to transport nature into indoor environments making us feel good. 

Cortina lamp DAM, Cortina

DAM, Cortina

Cortina is a pendant lamp which plays with light as a delicate curtain. The shape is casted from a block cork which evokes a piece of land levitating. The metal sheet with its reflecting surfaces valorizes the light. So, Cortina values the light, the land and the nature, transposing the outside garden to indoors. Materials: Agglomerated dark cork with colourless aqueous coating and metal with coloured finishing.

Pipo stool DAM, Pipo stool

DAM, Pipo stool

PIPO stool refers to the traditional wood barrel used for the transport and storage of wine. The mobility of the product is associated to the commercial expansion of the wine. This piece is produced in dark cork, referring to the tone of aged casks. This material makes the piece lightweight and slip resistant too. Materials: Natural hemp rope or coloured cotton rope and 100% natural agglomerated dark cork finished with colourless aqueous coating.

Magma table DAM, Magma table

DAM, Magma table

MAGMA coffee table refers to the molten and semi-molten mineral substances found under the Earth’s crust. Composed of a semi-sphere of cork that evokes the earth’s crust, MAGMA features a stone top with expressive veins. This surface portrays a narrative about the beauty of our planet, dynamic yet deeply fragile, highlighting what is important to care for and preserve - Nature. Materials: Agglomerated black cork and Portuguese marble (‘Pele de tigre’) or Portuguese limestone (‘Aplinina’). Finishing: Agglomerated darkcork finished with colourlessa queous coating.

Flora table DAM, Flora table

DAM, Flora table

FLORA is a set of coffee tables that refers to the plants we offer to the ones we love, so there is a similarity between taking care of the plants and taking care of the objects. These tables combine natural materials, with four sizes and eight different coloured frame finishes and work separately or together. Feel the nature at your home and sprinkle love. Materials: Top in oak wood veneer finished with matt varnish and base in agglomerated dark cork finished in colourless aqueous coating.

With practically unlimited durability, the agglomerated cork material preserves its characteristics throughout its life. It is a great solution for spaces with specific thermal and acoustic characteristics. It is resistant to abrasion and impact and is flame retardant. It supports temperatures between -180ºC and +120ºC and in case of fire does not release toxic gases.

The industrial process is 100% natural because 93% of energy consumption is biomass that results from the process itself. Stripped every nine years from the cork oak ensuring the tree is not damaged or cut, the cork is 100% vegetal, biodegradable and recyclable. The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates itself and can be harvested about 17 times over its 200 years, so extracting cork is a key contribution to the sustainability of the Mediterranean region.

DAM on Archiproducts.comCork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable

Cork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable

Cork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable

Cork: 100% Vegetable, Biodegradable and Recyclable

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