Craftsmanship Meets Design: The Creations of Studio laf.

Wing stool and Sienna vase / bowl at MDW 2021

16/09/2021 - Studio laf. presented its latest creations at the just ended Milan Design Week, including the Wing stool and the Sienna vase / bowl.
Studio laf. was founded in 2016, when industrial designer Uygar Gözcü started to explain his words through the product.
 The products, in which storytelling and expressionism are shaped by handcraft, aim to give the user an emotion and experience with the use of natural materials. It touches living spaces with furniture, lighting and accessory-based product designs and includes the user in the story it tells. 
'We use a combination of sophisticated techniques and the finest, carefully selected materials making each and every piece special, something we are very proud of.
The products are shaped by the handcrafts of local craftsmens and each existing product carries its own spirit,' they claim from Studio laf.
Among the collections presented in Milan are the Wing stool and the Sienna vase / bowl.
Wing stool
Wing stool is a modern blend of aesthetics, elegance and comfort with a classical touch. It has emerged using three different natural materials as plywood, metal and leather, in harmony. The Wing is made by hand in every detail, and it feels the craftsman's touch. The simple form of Wing Stool, which produces a natural expression, clearly emphasizes its function and story. The Wing tells about those who want to fly but cannot because of their roots. This design can be experienced as a stool or as a work of art. 
The harmony between the elegance of brass material and naive metal line. Sienna was created to complement your living spaces with two different functions and elegant lines. It is designed for use as a flower pot and bowl. 

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