Creative Approach to Lounge Seating by Sedes Regia

The debut at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

03/02/2020 - High-end upholstered furniture manufacturer Sedes Regia is debuting in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 with its lounge seating models BUNNY and RIPPLE, created in collaboration with Lithuanian and Japanese architects and designers. For the Lithuanian-based furniture manufacturer Sedes Regia Scandinavian craftsmanship is embedded in the company’s DNA. Thus, clean, subtitle forms and attention to detail in every piece of furniture should be recognizable to the Sweden’s design community and fair visitors.

At the same time, Sedes Regia offers new perspectives in terms of design and perception of what a piece of furniture can be. Why not a cute pet-like chair for a lounge of an international bank? Or a seating system that can create visual mosaics while segmenting different spaces?

As Kazuko Okamoto, Japanese designer and long-term partner of Sedes Regia, has said “it is interesting to create furniture that proposes ways to use it, to live, and to make a place without being restricted by a pre-existing concept“. This philosophy is infused in two SATNDARD collection models Bunny and Ripple that will be presented in Stockholm’s fair on 4-8 of February.

BUNNY – good vibes for different settings
BUNNY is a cozy animal-like piece of furniture that radiates positive energy at home and softens formal tenor of professional spaces. The lounge chair’s minimalist design with its soft rounded seat and backrests provides multiple sitting options – leaning back in the seat, sideways, resting an elbow on the backrest, saddling the backrest. 
Creative Approach to Lounge Seating by Sedes Regia 2

The different height of the soft backrest makes the object look like a playful character that elicits smiles and good energy!
BUNNY feels at home in different settings – be it a modern office, a stylish shopping mall or a salon at your home. It is the creation of the architecture studio Inblum.

RIPPLE – seating system that creates unique graphic patterns
The synthesis of mastery of form by Japanese designer Kazuko Okamoto and uncompromising functionality by the producer Sedes Regia has resulted in a modular furniture system Ripple. Its segments can be grouped together to create playful looking work and relaxation areas. Ripple has single and double seat segments and a table. A socket can be integrated in its seat to cater to contemporary lifestyles.
Creative Approach to Lounge Seating by Sedes Regia 3

The curved backrest of Ripple and can also serve as an armrest, so the sitter can settle in multiple directions. For maximum privacy, the segments can have a reclining wall installed in the backrest.

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