CUF Milano at Orgatec

New collections designed by Lele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, John Bennet / Sakura Adachi and Progetto CMR

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05/11/2018 - CUF Milano is a new brand of the historical company “Centrufficio Loreto”, since 1986 based in Milano (Italy). On occasion of Orgatec CUF Milano has presented its new collections designed by Lele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, John Bennet / Sakura Adachi and Progetto CMR.
The involvement of steel, glass, laminate and engineerized stone define a neutral hue but firm: the laminate tones belongs to the warm grey and natural oak, combined with bronze and metal.
Vittoria is a project that reveal multiple configurations, and introduce the concept of glass showcase: a simple accessory, that became a privacy screen or a storage compartment.
Magenta is the mid-executive version of Vittoria, introducing structures with varnished frames, that can be equipped with sides panels with laminates.
The table top sizing is pushed to unusual depths (77 and 57 centimeters) in order to take advantage of a perfect modularity of both planes and structures also in situations in which the workstation are at a 90 degree angle between each other.
The accessories completing the system resume and take to the extremes the light aesthetics theme, working whit slim metal plate and framed volumes.
FUSION is constructed based on a kind of three dimensional frameworks: a variety of configurations create different atmospheres and landscapes, which are not only for solo and collaborative working but also for impromptu meetings and short breaks.
FUSION is an office system that responds also to a new scenario like co-sharing and co-working spaces. Workplace should be like a kind of social network but with real people.
Taurus is a modular partition, with a huge selection of modules, heights, materials, finishes and solutions: it’s designed to solve every Client needs, using standard elements.
It means that the partition is produced before the Client order: it’s immediately ready for the delivery.
In 2018 Taurus system obtained the European Technical Assessment.
Aquarius is a system of glazed partions, realized with one or double panels: it defines the exact mix between clearness and acoustic comfort.
The thin and simple profiles, realized in varnished or veneered aluminum, can hide a hooking and regulation system, strong and safe.


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