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Rho, the Ottoman collection inspired by the Italian countryside

12/06/2020 - Rho is the inaugural lounge collection by Italian designers LucidiPevere in collaboration with Davis Furniture. Ranging from an individual single-seat to a generous lounge-height ottoman, Rho’s organic shape and variety of heights evoke imagery of the scenic Italian countryside for which this collection is named.
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While designing this group of ottomans, LucidiPevere concentrated on balancing form, comfort and versatility. They describe design as “a skillful mix of constraints and creation. A good designer is a creative person who can cope with and adapt to all types of businesses, technologies and know-how.”

Rho embodies casual, sculptural design. Its natural forms are comprised of soft, fluid shapes that have a calm yet playful appearance which help create a relaxed atmosphere in the ever-changing workplace. “We wanted to empower designers and users to play with the different shapes, colors and sizes of the Rho collection to help support and expand mobility within the modern office lounge.”
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A versatile palette from which to build upon, these ottomans adapt to many different applications ranging from defining areas within a public space to establishing creative hubs in an open-plan office. Rho can even be used singularly, offering options for informal guest seating.

Rho features a unique linear open chain stitch detail located at the center of each piece which becomes an opportunity for additional styling and visual interest. The contrasting stitch is available in 20 distinguishing thread colors.
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Rho’s organic forms presented a challenge for the Davis Design Team. How could they upholster the distinct rounded shapes of the ottomans without unnecessary seams or zippers? The Davis engineers worked to develop an innovative method of ensuring perfect tailoring with Rho’s upholstery. Here’s a hint, it involves a vacuum. The inventive solution entails shrinking the foam before stretching the cover over each frame. When the vacuum is released – voila! – the ottoman is upholstered with ideal precision.
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