Bronze Nuances Warm the Silver Tones of Stainless Steel: The ADA 2023 Trophy by De Castelli

The unprecedented DeDarié finish envelops the trophy by MUT Design, dedicated to the winning brands of the Archiproducts Design Awards

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20/10/2023 - Bronze tones add warmth to the stainless steel tones of the new ADA 2023 trophy by De Castelli, the new award for the winning Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 brands. The distinctive DeDarié finish, meticulously applied by De Castelli, introduces a soft bronze hue that softens the traditional silver and icy tones of stainless steel, defying the typical cold and sterile perception of the eternal material and enriching its aesthetics.

For the fifth year in a row, De Castelli captivates with a redesigned version of the iconic trophy, created by MUT Design and inspired by the "Möbius strip". The sculptural object, bathed in a chiaroscuro finish created exclusively for the 2023 award, continues to explore the expressive potential of metal. The DeDarié finish challenges the perceived coldness of stainless steel, presenting a fresh facet of this renowned iron and carbon-based alloy.
The ADA 2023 award in DeDarié finish  2Pin it

The ADA 2023 award in DeDarié finish

Previewed at the Archiproducts Awards, the DeDarié hue revive stainless steel with an unprecedented tone achieved through meticulous manual brushing and various oxidation processes. The resulting blend of nuances is reminiscent of silver softened by unexpected bronze tones. This intricate interplay of lengthy industrial and manual processes exploits the inherent variability of the material so that the typically technical and austere image of stainless steel is transformed, leading it into future design scenarios.

De Castelli Metal: New Collections Between Material Research and Craft Artistry

The same craftsmanship and expertise of De Castelli - passed down through generations - is tangible in the new metal furniture collections inspired by traditional iron-forging techniques. The result is a collection of cabinets, bookcases, partitions and tables with curved shapes and irregular surfaces called Glyphé.
De Castelli, XILO  3Pin it

De Castelli, XILO

The first result of Glyphé is the Xilo coffee table, conceived by the Delineo design studio and inspired by the sinuous Art Nouveau aesthetic. A pattern of hand-forged impressions on each brass plate contrasts the polished surface of the metal.
De Castelli, RIPPLE 4Pin it

De Castelli, RIPPLE

The Ripple cabinet, designed by Marco Pisati, is a fluid volume whose flowing lines create reflections and shadows on the metal surface.
De Castelli, SINESTESIA 5Pin it


Tipstudio contributes to the collection with the Sinestesia console table and the Monolite room divider, two De Castelli furniture pieces that experiment with the succession or juxtaposition of curved brass plates.
De Castelli, AIRFRAME 6Pin it

De Castelli, AIRFRAME

The Airframe freestanding bookcase, designed by Pio and Tito Toso, celebrates the art of hammering. A slender metal structure of asymmetrical elliptical rings houses four non-continuous horizontal planes, while the body is defined by a partial covering that mimics the structure.
De Castelli, FOLIO  7Pin it

De Castelli, FOLIO

Orthogonal planes characterise the Folio table, a pure and precise volume in brushed brass by Draw Studio.

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