Deauville: Simplicity + Modularity

The collection of modular lounge seating designed by Meneghello Paolelli for Unopiù

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19/03/2020 - Simplicity, modularity and elegance are the distinctive features of Deauville, a collection of modular lounge seating designed by Meneghello Paolelli associati for Unopiù.

A versatile and technically hybrid system, a complete “Cross” between outdoor and indoor ambiences, perfectly able to adapt to a Mitteleuropean hotel as much as to the garden of a liberty style villa, just to give an example.
Deauville: Simplicity + Modularity 2

In 2020 Deauville comes with new Colors and with a new Dry Feel ® fully draining padding. Dry Feel® was created to offer a completely open cellular structure that allows water and humidity to quickly and efficiently pass through, ensuring maximum comfort in any amount of humidity. It is a different type of foam developed specifically for outdoor use, where there is a greater risk of humidity.
Deauville: Simplicity + Modularity 3

It is heavy duty and dries much more quickly, thanks to its extremely porous cellular structure. It has also been treated with biocides that destroy noxious organisms like bacteria, mould and fungus.
Deauville: Simplicity + Modularity 4

The structure of armrest/backrest is mud colored powder coated galvanized iron with a linear interlacing of cord available in: green, blue, dove grey and light grey. The module covers is removable covers in polypropylene fabric with draining padding.

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