Decorating your Home with Ceramics

On the floor or on the wall. Five Reasons to add ceramic motifs to your decorating projects

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12/11/2020 - Ceramic walls and floors have the ability to define the personality of each space in a home. The decorative motifs that we find in ceramic collections allow us to explore creativity and find the style that best suits the decor we aim to achieve. In addition to its unquestionable aesthetic value, when we talk about ceramics, we are talking about a material that has innumerable benefits such as its resistance, stability, ease of cleaning and safety compared to other materials. Following, we will journey through the most popular ceramic motifs trends we have observed in decorative and interior design projects.
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The special feature of this style is timeless elegance. Regardless of fashions, the classic motifs remain unchanged over time, preserving their appeal and personality. We find in the ceramic collections an incredible variety of original patterns, classic geometries, floral details and neutral tones that allow us to configure the essence of this style.
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Geometric motifs are a daring option for decorating floors and walls with ceramic tiles, while at the same time they create a very surprising aesthetic that can be almost flamboyant. It is possible to create a design combining different motifs or using just one geometric pattern.
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Motifs with a more subtle look. Tiles that have a delicate look or draw small details, reminding us of artesanal work and the more detailed decorations.
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Decorating with greens and florals never goes out of style. Green is the dominant color, although other colors sneak in through motifs inspired in the tropical foliage intertwined or overlapping. On occasions these motifs form themes or arabesque structures.
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Mandalas and Mosaics
The motifs inspired by the shapes of mandalas intensify the main theme of the decor. The geometries of these compositions and the combination of their hues attract our attention. For a more minimalist trend, we can lean towards the neutral motifs created, on this occasion, with black and white mosaic and no mix of textures.

The variety of motifs to be found in ceramic collections allows us to play with visual perception and the ability that ceramic tile has to inspire different effects. This way, experimenting with the arrangement of the pieces in a limited space on floors or walls, can achieve a unique result catered to our taste.
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