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Dornbracht presents its new Vaia series of fittings

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14/03/2017 - Vaia adds a new aspect to the Dornbracht design principles. Inspired by the ‘eclectic style’ interior design trend, the distinctive design of the new premium designer fitting is both elegant and progressive. Vaia is therefore equally at home in traditional and modern bathroom architectures – as well as those that combine the elements of different style worlds, in keeping with the eclectic style.
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Vaia: an elegant yet progressive design for a new modern-day iconography
The Vaia series incorporates a soft, balanced design language and an attitude that is always receptive to anything new. Its delicate spout picks up a traditional shape and transposes it to a new, more open silhouette. There is a traditional feel to the handles as well – available as cross-handles or levers, they combine geometric shapes and soft contours. The rosettes are tapered, creating an especially smooth transition to the washstand.

Stylistic versatility
Vaia’s clear design language is a response to the varied and increasingly complex interiors world of tomorrow, and blends elegantly into the mix of present-day living styles. It creates a familiar and harmonious atmosphere – at the same time as maintaining the progressive attitude that characterises all the Dornbracht design series. With fittings and series-specific accessories for washstand, bidet, shower and bath applications, Vaia brings a great deal of creative freedom.
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A new finish: dark platinum matt
Vaia is available in Dornbracht’s much loved platinum matt and polished chrome finishes. A new addition from autumn 2017 will be the exquisite dark platinum matt finish. Its dark, lightly brushed silk matt colour appears warm, soft and grounding and creates a feeling of old world charm in the bathroom. Dornbracht’s new variant provides another opportunity to individualise the bathroom and adds even more scope for creative freedom.

Design principles
Vaia is based on the design principles that characterise all the Dornbracht series. The “5 Ps” – Proportion, Precision, Progressiveness, Personality and Performance – create a sustainable and long-lasting aesthetic appeal that is evident in the new Vaia series: its proportions are balanced, harmonious and precise. Its design is shaped by clear lines and exact transitions. The workmanship is outstanding, down to the last detail. Vaia picks up the latest trends in interior design, not to imitate them, but to give them a new interpretation, which – along with the new dark platinum matt finish – contributes to a progressive style of interior architecture.

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