Delightfull at Euroluce 2013

Let the journey begin!

21/03/2013 - Once again, we are carrying our lighting hits to new stages: this time, it’s Milan’s turn to shine!

We arrive at Milan to have a toast with you at Euroluce show just in the center of hall 13, at G09 booth: between 9th and 14th. April, Milan will be rendered to multiple design parties: be part of our own!

There, magic will happen: the vibrating Sinatra floor will attract all the design lovers with its vintage vibe while the playful Diana floor lamp, at its turn, will surprise you due to its main quality: it’s huge, we mean, really huge, ideal for that loft that you are anxious to change the deco.

That’s when you’ll assist to that awkward moment: you see the form of Amy’s hair in a lamp! Yes, that’s Amy floor fixture, ready to show you it’s possible to eternalize such an iconic blues’ celebrity.

And if you think you already saw everything, that’s because you didn’t met yet our Botti suspension lamp: its gold plated body resembling a huge trumpet will transport yourself to an unforgettable design concert.

Either in New York or in Milan, it’s an irresistible invitation: celebrate design with a Delightfull toast!


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