Desalto Explores the World of Upholstery, on Show at 3daysofdesign

In the stand curated by Francesco Rota, armchairs, sofas and poufs dialogue with the iconic Clay tables with their sculptural shapes

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11/06/2024 - In the eleventh edition of the 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen, Desalto furniture brand explores a new category of products: upholstered furniture. The display, designed by artistic director Francesco Rota, shows armchairs, sofas and poufs in dialogue with the iconic, sculpturally shaped tables, investigating the limits of materials in a cosy stand.

The products on display are the latest pieces from a catalogue that confirms Desalto’s focus on pushing the limits of materials by creating striking collections of architectural furniture with incredible expressive power.
Desalto will be part of Design/Dialogue, a new exhibition concept curated by the Ark Journal team, a renowned Danish independent magazine.
Maxi Clay oval table with pale wood top and black base 2Pin it

Maxi Clay oval table with pale wood top and black base

The sculptural forms of the Maxi Clay oval table capture the attention through the contrasting colours of the pale wood top and black base, surrounded by Calum Home chairs.
Desalto furniture, Unlimited sofa composition 3Pin it

Desalto furniture, Unlimited sofa composition

Stealing the scene in the living room is the new product of this year: a big version of Unlimited sofa, upholstered in coffee-coloured fabric with red and grey cushions.

Completing the display are two new Roller poufs, upholstered in leather, consisting of original round, geometric rollers. Behind the sofa is the Armida shelving unit, a system boasting pure, minimal lines.
Rebus library 4Pin it

Rebus library

In the same space, two different configurations of the Rebus modular bookcase offer a versatile and effective solution to optimize spaces in a practical and flexible way: a larger one in the dining area and a simpler one in the living area.
Micro Clay coffee tables 5Pin it

Micro Clay coffee tables

Adding a pop of colour and a touch of elegance to the space are the Micro Clay coffee tables, in various finishes with warm tones such as red, purple and glossy brown, and in the stylish new leather finish.

12th - 14th June
Pakhus 11, Dampfærgevej 2, 2100 Copenhagen

Desalto on Archiproducts
Calum Home chairs 6Pin it

Calum Home chairs

Pouf Roller 7Pin it

Pouf Roller

Maxi Clay table and Calum Home chair 8Pin it

Maxi Clay table and Calum Home chair

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