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Milan Design Week at EDIT by Designjunction

15/03/2013 - EDIT is delighted to play host to, a celebration of the best in Polish design from the past year. Presenting products, places and people through a carefully curated exhibition and publication.

This second edition of spans a wide spectrum of design, from extraordinary weaving structures, technology for the future, fiberglass organic forms that pioneered design innovation in the 60s, to revised ceramic traditions. Add to this a little taste of poetry and you have a heady mix of new ideas and narratives from a thriving Polish design scene.

Organised by the Creative Project Foundation in partnership with The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland. For the last four years, Polish design has become acknowledged and appreciated by the most demanding international audience. The success of the Young Creative Poland show during London Design Festival 2009, followed by an enthusiastic reception of the exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan in 2010, put Polish design back on the map of prestigious festivals. In 2011, during Milan Design Week, the Creative.

Project Foundation showcased the outcomes of the cooperation between a group of young designers and Polish furniture producers. The following year, The Guide on Polish Design gathered information about 17 events and installations by Polish designers featured in Milan during the design week.

Today, the second edition of the guide invites you on an exciting journey through Polish design in Milan. It is an up-to-date directory of events and presentations of Polish design that will spread across the city from the iSaloni Fairgrounds to the Fuorisalone throughout April, 2013. Featuring new design initiatives and key destinations, exciting designers and award-winning brands, the guide will help you to explore the contemporary Polish design scene.

The most impressive pieces will be showcased in the heart of Brera as part of designjunction’s Edit. Among many interesting objects, you will see a recently revitalised Polish design icon: the RM58 armchair. One of the earliest Polish designs of polyester-glass laminate furniture, it is believed to be one of the first seats made using this material. Designed and prototyped independently by Roman Modzelewski in 1958, it continues to surprise even today.

This is not only down to its innovative technology, but also its sensual, organic form. Following Le Corbusier’s interest to produce the armchair in France, the design obtained a patent in 1961, however these plans were sadly never finalised. The original RM58 prototype is currently held in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s furniture collection in London. After more than 50 years, Polish company Vzór has introduced the armchair into serial production using new technologies and materials.

Today, material innovations also bring international recognition to Polish designers. The already well-known FiDU technique developed by Oskar Zieta is being constantly improved upon by new applications. Alongside the new blown objects by Zieta, 3D textile designs by Aleksandra Gaca combining art, design and architecture will be featured. Architextiles is a series of sound-absorbing textiles with a woven 3D structure and ribbed texture that offer infinite application possibilities.

Designers and design studios presenting at the exhibition:
— Zieta Prozessdesign,
— Aleksandra Gaca,
— Vzór,
— Malafor,
— Velt,
— Maria Jeglinska,
— Bashko Trybek,
— Jan Lutyk,

The publication and the exhibition are produced by the Creative Project Foundation in collaboration with Katarzyna Jezowska. The Foundation is a cultural organisation born from the vision of Miska Miller-Lovegrove, Anna Pietrzyk-Simone, Monika Unger and Agnieszka Kwiatkowska-Dragic. With headquarters in Warsaw, London and Milan, the Creative Project Foundation is an ambassador of Polish creativity. Our mission is to promote Polish design across the  world and facilitate a mutual exchange of knowledge between governmental bodies, cultural organizations, the business sector and the design industry. Through our exhibitions, events and publications and the launch of Young Creative Poland in 2009, Creative Project Foundation has brought Polish design to the fore of the international design stage.

In Milan in 2012, we introduced, the definitive Polish design guide, the second issue of which will be presented in Brera this year with its accompanying exhibition.The second edition of will showcase a selection of innovative Polish design and guide visitors through ideas, products, places and people with its comprehensive design publication.

The carefully curated exhibition will feature state-of-the-art Polish design including furniture, architectural textiles, home accessories and lighting pieces alongside recently revived icons of Polish design that pioneered design innovation in the 1960s. For the duration of Milan Design Week,’s venue in the heart of Brera will provide a lively networking platform, where visitors can meet Polish designers, learn more about Polish creativity and even ponder future - The exhibition and guide on Polish Design 2 - The exhibition and guide on Polish Design 3 - The exhibition and guide on Polish Design 4 - The exhibition and guide on Polish Design 5

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