Duscholux presents the product innovations Air 3 and Allegra Walk-in

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13/10/2020 - With Air 3 and Allegra, Duscholux presents the latest additions to the Walk-in shower enclosures. 
Air 3
No drilling or screws. Our newest Walk-in variant, the Air 3, is mounted on the wall and the floor using concealed glass anchors. Only a few, sophisticated components are required to ensure the highest possible level of transparency and a straightforward assembly process in only a single step. A discrete, coloured silicone joint along the floor-wall interfaces suffices.
In addition to the numerous existing installation variants and door designs, a new Walk-in solution is now available. From two geometric designs in black to a transparent ESG clear solution with white wall profile. The designs, which are printed onto the glass, are ultra-thin, durable and UV-resistant.
Using DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro glass finishing as standard will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning work required. Depending on the hardness of the water, cleaning the shower enclosure with a microfibre cloth every one to two weeks is sufficient.


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