Elica debuts at Living Kitchen

Hoods are transformed into smart ventilation and air conditioning

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13/01/2017 - Elica is scheduled to exhibit for the first time at Living Kitchen, the international trade fair uniting the most important national and international companies of the kitchen sector in Cologne, from the 16th to the 22nd January next. The IMM Cologne, one of the world’s leading business platforms for furniture, takes place in parallel.
As a market that has recorded positive growth trends over the last few years and has enabled our brand to strengthen its position as a leader nation-wide, Germany can definitely be termed as one of our key markets.
At Living Kitchen, German and international visitors alike can make their acquaintance with the latest market innovations developed by Elica, expression of the finest design solutions, technology and innovation resulting from accurate research, development and testing principles by the Elica Design Centre. Over the last few months, with the new products on show at the Eurocucina FTK event in Milan and the company’s new brand communication concept We Are The AIRChitects, Elica has further strengthened its position in the smart-home air ventilation or air domotics sectors: it is in fact thanks to Elica’s considerable expertise that kitchen hoods are transformed into smart ventilation and air conditioning appliances capable of interacting with other home automation systems to ensure that optimised air quality levels are maintained throughout the household.
At Living Kitchen Elica is exhibiting its new product concept-themes in a total of three, fully customisable product lines: Stream, Téchne and Iconic. The Stream collection is designed for hi-tech lovers appreciative of user friendly, intercommunicating home automation solutions; Téchne offers a collection of intelligent systems providing maximised efficiency and top-notch performance and Iconic a collection of kitchen hoods designed to offer amazing aesthetics for elegant style lovers.
The Elica pavilion (Hall 4.2, aisle B, stand no. 030) is designed by Labics, the architectural and urban planning practice based in Rome. Here the photographs of over 2,500 employees wallpapering the outside section of the pavilion totally express the Elica Group policy of considering their manpower as the most important element of their success, while on the inside of the pavilion visitors can admire the Elica products in a “concept-themes” itinerary.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 2

Stream is presenting a built-in three-element set composed of a kitchen hood, a cooktop and Snap, the innovative Air Quality Balancer unit. The elements selected are the new Majestic Sense vertical hood with its elegant, essential design and innovative technology that prevents the formation of condensation on the product’s glass panel, a black version of the Snap and the Lien Diamond induction cooktop system.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 3

The star of the show is definitely NikolaTesla, the first induction cooktop and extraction system in one manufactured by Elica, featuring a captivating, clean-cut design by Fabrizio Crisà and top-quality materials that efficiently combine all the functionality options of two kitchen appliances - a kitchen hob and a kitchen hood rolled into one. Thanks to the Intelligent System technology ensuring direct communication capability with the hob, NikolaTesla is capable of detecting the information inputs by the cooking zones and of automatically calibrating them for optimised extraction performance. More concentration can thus be put on cooking activities, with simultaneously optimised energy efficiency. Once the hob is turned off, the extraction system automatically adjusts the extraction speed and slows it down gradually, to ensure complete elimination of all the cooking vapours and residual odours.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 4

Thanks to a versatile system providing for user-friendly installation of the pipes into the free spaces both to the rear and under the cabinet bases, NikolaTesla also delivers on internal space saving optimisation, enabling the use of deeper and larger drawers for maximum space saving convenience.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 5

In the recycling version, the ceramic odour filters can be accessed from the top section of the hob base, making cleaning and maintenance operations all the more simpler. It is in fact sufficient to remove the cover grid to access the four high-performance ceramic filter batteries featuring the new “Revolution Filter” technology which guarantees odour filtering levels higher than 82% (compared to market averages of approximately 60%) and a five-year filter life span, provided the filters are regenerated in an oven every two/three months.
NikolaTesla is available both in recycling versions and in duct-out versions.
For the duration of the trade fair, NikolaTesla’s excellent performance is further highlighted by the cooking shows conducted by Ailén Gamberoni (gourmet food & wine journalist and food blogger) together with Giovanni Zorzolo, chef. In September this year Ailén and Giovanni founded the “Cucina Italiana” facilities in Eindhoven, a multitasking laboratory aimed at the promulgation of Made in Italy traditions and innovation where on top of their excellent cuisine, the lab also stars a NikolaTesla system.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 6

For the Living Kitchen event it is instead the suspended chandelier hoods that are set to play the leading role for the Téchne collection. With their very distinctive design, these hoods not only provide for optimised air filtering performance but they are sure to enhance any space they are installed into thanks to the efficient and elegant lighting capabilities. Definitely the star of its surroundings, the Interstellar chandelier hood is particularly captivating and although it features a total of 1,150 glass prisms, it is nevertheless very easy to maintain and wash in a dishwasher. Then there is the Shining chandelier hood, on exhibit both in the brass version, a noble material in-line with the latest interior design trends as well as in the rust version, which works to highlight this hood’s rugged design traits. Last but not least is the Summilux chandelier hood on show in its white, frosted-glass version.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 7

The Téchne line also comprises wall-mounted hoods. One of these is Bio, featuring a characteristic combination of natural wood and steel. Another is Meteorite, in a luminous glass and shining steel combination representing the perfect mix of elegance and efficiency and then there’s Empty Sky, the first ceiling-mounted hood by Elica manufactured in Cristalplant, designed to offer a simple yet spectacularly visual effect provided by a simple, three dimensional curve in the ceiling which opens up to extract and purify the air.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 8

The Easy suspended hood has instead been selected to represent the Iconic range. Easy is available in three finishes: stainless steel, white and black.
Elica could definitely not miss out on such an important event offering so much from an innovative, technological point of view. Our hoods and our extraction hobs – states Francesco Casoli, President of Elica – are highly sophisticated yet they are extremely functional, user-friendly and very easy to clean. Our philosophy in fact, consists in anticipating our customers’ needs to effectively maximise functionality and product innovation”.
Elica debuts at Living Kitchen 9

For the whole duration of Living Kitchen 2017, Elica is also due to feature in the Passagen design week programme, within the Kölnischer Kunstverein Design Council exhibition that houses all the winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2017 - Interior Innovation competition, where Elica’s prize winning Summilux chandelier hood and NikolaTesla, the innovative induction hob and air extraction system in one, are scheduled to be on show.

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