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Palau, Shade, Nassau and Stripes collections for gardens or terraces

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03/04/2020 - Comfort, functionality, and community are the greater traits of the Et al. furnishing production, which always put into the foreground the relationship between people and the environment, satisfying all the daily needs.
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Lightness, sturdiness and comfort; the new Palau collection by Marc Sadler combines aesthetic perfection and functionality, providing solutions to easily furnish all kind of environments like communal spaces, offices and meeting rooms, Food & Beverage premises, indoors and outdoors.
“Monobloc chair and armchair seemingly simple in design but hiding a considerable technical-productive sophistication. From the generative process capable of translating the imagination into an architecture where for the first time form and function aren’t necessarily related, emerges a seat aiming at suppleness and that has succeeded in conveying it, with a result never seen before on any existing monobloc chair. This is a refined and elegant chair, stacking up to 6 pieces both in the side chair and armchair version, and that guarantees the highest structural standards”. Marc Sadler
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Philippe Nigro has designed a family of metal seats for Et al.. Shade was created using the welded steel wire technique which gives the entire project a clean and minimal silhouette as well as an original graphic pattern that characterises the seat and backrest and changes depending on the viewing angle.
“Working with a typically industrial material, which has its own innate elegance, I designed a seat taking inspiration from the creation of some of the great engineering works: In fact, Shade is a micro architecture of steel tubes and wire that have been welded together to create a graphical and optical woven effect.” Philippe Nigro
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Nassau is a one-piece family of seats in polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre and made using the injected air-moulding technology that makes it sturdy and light at the same time. Rounded lines, a simple design and curvaceous shapes identify its character.
“In the crowded field of chairs Nassau stands out with its simple and elegant silhouette and that certain « je ne sais quoi ». Like some stylish ladies, unique amongst others and you can’t really explain the reasons why.” Marc Sadler
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The origin of Stripes comes from the combination of three words: contemporary, memory and functionality.
In fact, while recalling shapes from the past, Stripes reinterprets them in a modern key, creating a chair that fits into public areas and homes, for indoor and outdoor use. Stripes is also technology: the seat and back are made from a single laser-cut sheet. The cuts create a “stripe” effect across the entire surface, giving greater flexibility and ergonomics, while allowing perfect drainage of water in the event of exposure to weather.

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