EVER Life Design in NYC to Put the Fun in Functional

The Italian bathroom and living accesory brand debut @ ICFF

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EVER Life Design in NYC to Put the Fun in Functional
15/05/2019 - EVER Life Design debuts in New York within the ICFF’s ICE project, organized by the Agency for the international promotion of Italian companies. Among the collections presented, the Dot and Ring ranges will feature, as well as the new Roll stool. Roll by EVER Life Design

Roll by EVER Life Design

The brand’s latest bathroom, light accessories and interior décor will feature at the exhibition, with their friendly, multifunctional design, which makes them suitable to different contexts, from home to contract.

Dot – designed by Monica Graffeo Dot by EVER Life Design

Dot by EVER Life Design

A thin but resistant steel cable, sliding inside a solid cylindrical body, fixed to the wall acts as a towel holder for washbasin and bidet. It can also ,however, serve a a useful support, on which you to hang various accessories such as a hairdryer or a brush. The cylindrical bodies can become small support surfaces, for soap and bottles. Don’t let the size fool you though: Dot incorporates a safety element that hold up to 120 kg.

Ring designed by Monica Graffeo Ring by EVER Life Design

Ring by EVER Life Design

Created to complement the Bounce washbasin, Ring can match any number of other products. A wooden cylinder encloses a multitude of different functions through a rope that can sustain a toilet roll holder, a shelf, or even a mirror. Remove the rope, and the cylinder is a minimalist and functional coat hanger.

Rolldesigned by Diego Cisi/Archiplan Roll by EVER Life Design

Roll by EVER Life Design

Roll is a versatile seat, comfortable, light but at the same time solid, safe and waterproof. With an internal structure in recyclable polystyrene, ROLL is available in different upholstery, such as water-resistant technical textiles, that make it a perfect accessory to be used under the shower and in the outdoor or environments with high levels of humidity. The base is equipped with a non-slip cover, to guarantee the safety in any context and on any surface.

Roll is equipped with a stretch net, that becomes a useful storage compartment for care products, books, magazines and small accessories when used in living contexts.

The handle, in contrast colored fabrics, makes the grip easier, allowing Roll to be placed in different living spaces, including in the hospitality sector.Roll by EVER Life Design

Roll by EVER Life Design

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